OK, thers a bug!

Last Update: November 17, 2015

I`m gonna change my menu from "categories" to "pages" as It Is more reader friendly.

I had to use my day reading about oages/posts/categories etc, and I also got som good help from Kyle and Bret( he knows a lot about css and coding) He used many hours for me! to figure this out,

That`s when you know you are at the right place. I Use 15 hrs or more every day to know and learn all I can about WP and WA, I have quit my job and gone all In! Registered a new firm In my name.

I will never regret the decision, cause I know: I either have success or I didn`t try.

Best of luck to all of you! and remember: every day you learn something new Is a good day!

It`s all or nothing.

-go team!


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gooddogpoky2 Premium
I agree 100%. Great team here at WA. DAN
MrWhite5 Premium
go team!
Pios2012 Premium
You can categorize your page but cannot categorize categories.
MarionBlack Premium
Hi Kristian,

Calling your Categories "Pages" may confuse your readers because they'll expect each "Page" to be a single page not a subject with several pages. Categories are broad subjects not individual posts or pages.
MrWhite5 Premium
yes, This I s the reasom why I haven`t moved forward with my site, I`ve had a problem uinderstanding pages/posts/categories/blogroll etc and how they all work together. I have been reading a lot today, and thin I understand now. I will recreate my menu soon.
thanks for ur help, I might need some more soon when I change back to pages and posts...
hugs Kristian