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Last Update: November 02, 2020

Good Day All, well here we are into November already, where has the Year gone.

There's a couple of things, I would like to Share, in fact there 's actually 3 Things that I would like to say and they all happened at the end of last week:-

1) A Big Thank You to WA Site Support for the help and guidance they gave me so I could Transfer a Website of mine over to WA, learnt a Lot in Short Space of time. Thanks Guys

2) That same Website was Indexed by Google, Nice Surprise.

3) Another Post of mine has also been Indexed, so really Chuffed.

Oh I have just remembered that , I Edited a Post with Block Editor last week and I think the Penny has dropped for me, I got it right, so simple really. Thanks to both Jay and Chrystopher J for ther help in this matter.

So the Last week October was a Good Week.

The First Week of November this Year is a Bitter Sweet week for our Family , the 5th November is my sisters Birthday she'll be 62, but also the 20th Anniversary of my Fathers Passing, he would have been 102. So a time to reflect for the Ruxton Family.

I miss my Dad and I know he would be intrigued by the WWW and what it can do. One thing I always remember my father telling us was:- "It doesn't cost you to say Hello" George M. Ruxton

So.......................... HELLO WA.

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BrightSales Premium
It's good to see a W.A. member succeeding. Thanks for sharing and saying hello friend. All the best!
GeoffreyC1 Premium
I think block is much superior to classic. I haven't used classic for last couple of months now.
Mruxton Premium Plus
Geoffrey, Yeah when I started I just followed Classic, but then I did not like the finished product, but when told about Block I watched the Video, got Tips etc, and bit the bullet. So it Block for me.
Calvinator63 Premium
Hi Murray,

Welcome to the wonderful World of Wealthy Affiliate, where dreams are made by consistent marketing strategies that are both taught and implemented to create profitable passive streams of income.

Glad to see things are working out for you here at WA. If you ever need help don't hesitate to ask. There are many veteran marketers here (including me) that are more than willing to offer help when you need it.

Living Life Large,

Mruxton Premium Plus
Thanks Calvin, for the message, Yeah things here are Great, will certainly give you a Shout if and when required. In meantime I shall be following you.

Calvinator63 Premium
Thank you for the follow it is greatly appreciated!
KathyAnne Premium Plus
So glad you got the help you needed, and well done on getting your site and article indexed so fast. Also happy birthday to your sister:) Kathy
Newme202 Premium
It surely does!