Accomplishment here, and one there. Oh! There's another one!

Last Update: March 11, 2020

Good afternoon WAmily!

I hope you're all healthy and well!

I know the picture above probably doesn't seem to make much sense with my title but to me it does. That looks like the beautiful ending to a day with awesome weather. Mother nature's accomplishment of pure beauty!

I have FINALLY finished writing my new article I've been talking about! Now let me tell you why it has taken me so long!

My kids have been going to bed an hour later than usual because they're not used to the time change yet so it has given me less time to work on my article. Once in bed, they've been a little more mischievous lately by staying up and getting out of their rooms which was also stopping me from writing. That's ok, though. They won't be little forever so I know these times will pass and I'll miss them when they do. I try to appreciate all the little things in life because other than that, what do we have, right?

So, I finally finished writing it today! It's not published just yet. I still have to proofread it and add images but it's finally all there! A whole whopping 3445 words worth! That's my longest blog yet! Now that's an accomplishment if I've ever seen one 😀

I've also managed to drop another 3 spots in rank today! I wasn't expecting much since I hadn't blogged yesterday and wasn't too active. I tried to answer a couple questions and comment on some blogs but I didn't think the end result would be another 3 whole spots! I am now down to 73!! Another accomplishment in my books!

Here I come top 50!

My network has also reached over 550!

That's all I can think of for today folks! That's enough accomplished for me to sleep peacefully tonight ☺️

I hope you're all staying healthy and safe from the craziness going on in the world! I've just found out today that it has now reached the city where I live too now. I know it's not a huge deal but my oldest daughter is immunocompromised so it's making me a little anxious that people aren't being more careful about spreading this virus. Traveling should be stopped for a while but they continue to let it spread. I'm not impressed about this as I am sure that A LOT of people aren't either but that's not what this blog is about.

Stay safe WAmily!

Thanks for reading! ☺️

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lesabre Premium
Hi Melissa, I like the picture. Sometimes making it through the day is an accomplishment for me.
Day light saving's time does take a bit of getting used. How old are your kids.
Congratulations on completing a 3445 word post. You have accomplished a lot since Jan 2020, awesome.
We have to stay vigilant against the corona virus. Washing hands and respecting each other's boundaries.

Best wishes,
MRRSP Premium
Thanks, Michael!

Daylight savings does take time to get used to.. when it ends is another one to get used to, too! Sheesh!

Thanks again, I have been working hard at trying to accomplish everything I set my mind to ☺️

My kids are 2, 4 and 12.

Yup, washing hands, respecting boundaries and staying away from public places and especially traveling! Why does everyone insist on traveling?!
Sonny40 Premium
Congratulations, BFF!

That would take me a month to write!

Lemme know if you want a free comment 😊

Actually no, it's going to cost you another cigarette!
MRRSP Premium
Thanks, buddy! 😁

It did take me a while, like 4 days to finally get it done but not a month, thank goodness! Lol

Lol you're too funny with your cigarettes 😂

Always a pleasure getting a comment from you! Thanks! ☺️
SAWalden Premium
An article containing over 3,400 words is outstanding!

I feel like I just discovered a new element in the periodic table when I write a 1,200 word article!

You have a wonderful attitude toward the little interruptions the little ones can cause. And I can vouch, they really, really do grow up and they grow up way too fast!

Best to smile and go on!

You'll have another 3,400+ article written before you can chase those little ones back to bed!
MRRSP Premium
I agree! The blogs that I wrote that ended up being over 1000 words were huge accomplishments, then I wrote one that was 2112 words. That felt pretty awesome too! This one though, I gave myself a pat on the back when I was finally done this one lol I never thought it was going to be that much!

I can't see myself looking at it any other way. This is their life too and they're just learning and exploring.. Like us here at WA ☺️ we all need to learn to grow so why stop them, right?

Thank you so much for your kind words! I really appreciate it ☺️
EmakAmelia Premium
Wonderful accomplishment! Seeing more and more inspiring success post like this really helps me to stay motivated.
Thank you so much for sharing your accomplishment, Mel!
MRRSP Premium
Thanks, Ferra!

I'm glad that it's inspiring for you ☺️ it's true that it keeps you pushing. That's one of the great things about WA, inspiration overload lol it's awesome!

Sharing is my pleasure ☺️

I had honestly started blogging on WA to keep it as a "diary" to see my progress in the future but getting all the comments I do is really inspiring, too!

Thank you for your kind words!
Jeffreybs Premium
It sounds like you are doing awesome, I really am happy for you

MRRSP Premium
Thank you, Jeff! I appreciate it ☺️