Here's a very important bit of advice i can give you.

Last Update: March 15, 2019

So ll you newwbies listen up. This is not just for people in WA, but for everyone out there. Don't consider that you only have to be helpful to yourself in gaining traffic, but you will gain a lot more traffic if you present advice to anyone who checks out your site if you give a person general helpful advice towards any subject that whould help them be a better marketer, That would be especilly true if it solved a problem they may not even think that they suffer from or even have. Think about it.

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Babou3 Premium
Great advice!
Helping others is always rewarding.

Have a nice day!
JackieSmith Premium
Thanks for the reminder Frank.

Helping others and providing a solution to their needs goes a long way in driving traffic to your site.

By becoming an authority in a niche-specific area, you can solve problems that they may not even realise they have.

I have been on many sites looking for something in particular when I have found a solution to something else I wasn't even looking for at the time. This is no different from Amazon. When you purchase a book, they have other recommendations based on your choice or previous buying experience.

Great advice! Keep them coming