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I have decided to slow down on my intention to go full blast on my first dozen websites. In coming back from godaddy, i'm taking a year somewhat off to develop my best service and my most loved business, which is WA. Yes people i'm going to be working exclusively on what I love and rever as the best service to all people who need help and want to learn how to make money online. I do believe that there is only one reason why people opt to go on line. That obviously is because they want to mak
So ll you newwbies listen up. This is not just for people in WA, but for everyone out there. Don't consider that you only have to be helpful to yourself in gaining traffic, but you will gain a lot more traffic if you present advice to anyone who checks out your site if you give a person general helpful advice towards any subject that whould help them be a better marketer, That would be especilly true if it solved a problem they may not even think that they suffer from or even have. Think ab
Ages ago back when I was looking for a quick fix that could give me what I was quickly looking to achieve, I really did not realize how great this service was. After I set up a few websites I encountered a few problems that make me quit the service. Now I am kicking myself for doing that. So now I am back and here to stay till i get what I want and need. During the time away i have studied and reviewed lots of matieral on many different systems and services, and i am willing to help and teac