Working at the library. Again.

Last Update: September 09, 2015

So, it is the day after Labor Day, and my poor laptop is still not working. In addition to an annoying virus, some part has to be ordered and installed so it will be another 3-5 days before I will be reunited with my baby! I nearly panicked at first and thought "OMG! I just recommitted myself to working harder & making this business work, I've got my juices flowing, and now this!" Then my fiance calmy said, "You can work at the library like you did on Saturday." Duh...why didn't I think of that ?! So here is another short blog from my local public library. In a way, working at the library is a blessing in diguise becase my main challenge while working at home is avoiding distractions, although this aspect has improved a bit for me before all of this happened. At the library, computer usage is limited to three hours per day, per person, so time I use today is of the essence. Who knows, perhaps the next few days will the most productive for me since joining WA! I am forced to stay focused. Have a good day!*Margaret*

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stephhill Premium
As a librarian myself, you are in good hands. Sorry the laptop crashed but you will have those days as you know. Keep smiling. Love your blogs.
NemiraB Premium
I adore libraries, they are big help:) I hope that your computer will be healthy soon:)
mpgoode Premium
So do I.