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Last Update: March 28, 2014

Hi all, I've been in and out lately, mostly out. I have been busy dealing with some personal business as well as my health concerns.I'm still not finished as things here in the Philippines are very slow and lax when it comes to gettiong things done, in some cases they are probably 100 years behind in technology etc.

I have reviewed a few things since I have returned and found a lot of WA members are really going forward on facebook and lots are making money, probably using what they learned here at WA to use elsewhere.

I hope I can get an honest answer from someone within the WA family to this next question.

How many members out of all them registered, are really going to make a a confortable income when all things are said and done. I see a lot of blogs comming from generally the same individuals consistently and you never here from the rest of the hundreds that are registered.

I hope you don't feel I am against anything going on here at WA. The training here is great, which you cannot get anywhere else. I myself think there is too much training going on daily, not allowing people enough time to concentrate on what they have learned and using it to build their sites and improve their content etc so they can at least hope to make some kind of income here at WA.

I know I am a long way behind in all aspects and I don't expect to make an income any time soon. I would like to see some quality responses here with those that are successful an let us know what sort of income they are recieving. I think it would be a great moral booster to those of us who are behind and slow at learning. Maybe there is a light at the end of this tunnel. In my view we have to spend a minimum of 10 to 12 hours a day in order to get there at all. Hope to here from you.

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CharlotteH39 Premium
Hi movinon. I have been here for a month now and have not seen any income, but I can tell you this, the ones that are making money will probably now respond to this post. I have noticed that once you start making money, your not so active in the community because you have another occupation "Making Money".
I promised myself I would give it a year, maybe not a year in full time hours as I have been doing, but I will keep my word. If things are not coming along as I expected, I will move on to something else, but I will keep my promise!!!
Try not to be discouraged but stay consistent. There are some of us who, like you are struggling, so your not alone!!!!
movinon Premium
Thanks for the comment, I really appreciate it.
Melanie1508 Premium
Hmmm....Excellent question movinon. I see that no one has really given you an answer yet. It has been over 11 hours since you posted this. I am surprised. I would think that people who HAVE made money here....would flock to this question to reassure you. I have not made a even a penny yet. I wish that I could tell you otherwise.
movinon Premium
Thanks for the comment, well if you don't get the comments, something is usually wrong and people don't want to admit it or are scared to.
movinon Premium
Thanks for the comment, I'm at he stage now where I don't know if this is all worth it or not. That will be my decision over the next few weeks I guess.
webBIZ44 Premium
Hi Roy!
I signed up around the same time you did. I have not yet had any "income" from my efforts on my site but I learned long ago that for anything worth achieving I have to put in my "time", "money", and "consistent effort" while letting things gestate until, like a flower, it blooms into something useful.