Last Update: February 06, 2014

I would like to know how many people here at WA have a top 3 google rank??????? How many people that have signed up with WA within the last year are making any money at all from their web site?????????

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movinon Premium
Good for you at least it's a start.
Shawn Martin Premium
me and Me :) On the second me I was making money before my first year was up but my average money intake the first 6 months was a penny a month, lol. ( I made .06 cents on a used book in my sixth month here. )
Karyskis Premium
My site just went live this week, no ranking yet. I've been here two months.
KD6PAO Premium
I've been here 2 months and am just getting ready to launch my first site with several marketing campaigns. 2014 will = $$$....
Jaweda2k Premium
<---- This guy.