Push Button Millionaire - Beware of Scam!

Last Update: February 27, 2014

Hi all, I just wanted everyone to be aware of a new scam out there. I recieved it in my comment section of my web site. He starts out by explaining everything that is wrong with your site by making rediculous suggestions on how to do things right. Once that is done, he has a link to his video with his 3 button story on how to get rich on the internet. I did watch it and saw right through it, he has you open an account and must have no less than $200.00 in that account at all times in order to do investments etc. to make money. He doesn't say that every transaction you do he takes a % of each one for himself. It is quite convincing so I wanted to make everyone aware.

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Kristo Premium
Yes, it seems obvious that this is another "pushbutton" scam !
Shawn Martin Premium
Thanks for the tip!
Now, where the heck is that button? :P
don16 Premium
Thanks so much for the info. We always seem to be dodging scam bullets.
Kyle Premium
The name says it all. Anything called "push button millionaire" is another ridiculous scam that should be avoided. I would ignore comments that you get like this on your website in the future and simply mark them as spam.

This is likely automated and you will get a lot of this sort of thing as there are a lot of comment spammers out there.
Rick Jantz Premium
Thanks for this. Good to know we're looking out for each other. Someone is trying to push that here so just hit the "Report Spam" if you see it.