There's a New Day Dawning

Last Update: December 03, 2019

I did it...I did it!!! I got in on that super deal and I have subscribed for a whole YEAR!! I feel so great about it... light as air! I have such plans for the next year now.

By this time next year, I want to have at least 2 ranked sites bringing in revenue. I already have several ideas for helpful sites that I can create and build on. I just don't want to get more than one going at a time. Building up, that is. I don't want to bite off more than I can chew, so to speak.

Once my initial site is solid, I will start the next. Then once that one is solid, start the third, and so on. It may sound slow, but I like to think of it as methodical. Besides, I'm a goat (Capricorn), so we go slow and sure. I like that "sure" part. :)

I can't express my gratitude for this whole thing. Thank you, Kyle, Carson, and Jay! Thank you also to everyone in the community, all of you are so very wonderful! My future is looking brighter every day, now, thanks to all of you.

Moon (aka Laura, Moonflower, and The Jigsaw Puzzle Lady)

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JeffreyBrown Premium
Congrats, Laura! A very wise decision and excellent investment in yourself!

Moonflower3 Premium
Thanks so much!
allancurtis Premium
A "New Moon' is rising ... congratulations ... it is the best bargain on the Internet! Best wishes for your success!
Moonflower3 Premium
lol...That's even better....wish I had thought of it! Still, it's ok, because I will make it happen...thanks for your nice thoughts!