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Last Update: February 28, 2021

How many people keep thinking, that they will find one day the perfect solution to all their problems? Maybe trying a new miracle remedy, the magic wand etc.

We all have a part of our mind that works with projections, calculating possibilities in the future and preventing dangers by comparing the information of the present moment with past experiences in our brains. It is like a mechanical reaction telling us we have to do something, because there is something ¨we need¨.

What I mean is:

Each one of us has a subjective and genuine interpretation of certain facts, which gives meaning to what we experience. The fact of being able to give an explanation, it doesn´t mean that the explanation we accept as valid is correct. Because in fact, an explanation in itself, it is something that moves away from reality. Since, truth doesn't need to be explained. It simply is!

Then, we could deduce:
If everything that needs explanation is not true, and that is why it needs to be explained.

Those people who spend a lot of time explaining their problems, are actually the ones who have ¨the most problems¨. Because, they would be trying to explain the inexplicable. Giving truth to a lie by attributing reality to their illusory interpretation.

Thus, Where does the attachment to one's own interpretations comes from? Why don't we try to assume that mechanical part of our minds, and learn to live with it, without conditioning our decisions? If by default the mind tells us that "there's something we need", it's because we think "there's something we don't have."

What, if you don't accept your mind's interpretation of something? And don't fall into the trap of taking it for a fact that there's something you need? This path may lead you to a better port, because in advance we accept that necessity and lack is a choice that makes a part of my mind, and not a fact that conditions my will....

I am happy to share this with you trough my own experience, and as a therapeutic companion!
In order for us to understand that this part of the mind which perceives this lack and need is the same in all human beings, we simply don´t identify with it...

Then, you can start to observe with equanimity, realizing that this mechanic is the same in all of us, so you begin to see in others with relative ease the origin of their conflicts, and that the inability to recognize one's ignorance is a simple matter of attachment to their subjective interpretation.

Then, It makes sense to give up the first interpretation that your mind makes when it perceives that the root of the problem is external to it... Maybe that's why we believe the solution must be out of ourselves and desperately look for it outside.

Maybe it is easier to let go:

In principle, it may seem that giving up "my version" of events is giving up reason, what I perceive, what is true to me. And isn't this sacrifice? It probably makes sense for a thought system, that includes as its basis the idea that there is something you can earn or something you can lose.

Although, if we give up these beliefs as if they are just projections that happen first in our mind and then, they seem to be real and external to me by virtue of my request. We open to different possibilities, and If they are all possibilities it means that nothing is missing.

What happens in reality is that if we let go what's nothing, we already have it all... Everything you need to be happy you have it here and now,

The key is WITHIN yourself!

Have a beautiful day,

Love Món xx

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A wonderful post Mondharma, we all have our own way of doing stuff and I agree with you , when you said Everything to make us happy is available ,
Nice one Mondharma keep it up
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Very nice post! We all have innate common sense on many things, and also intuitively know right and wrong! We can usually find the answer deep within our selves, Monica!

jghwebbrand Premium
Very well written. Cant miss the point! And you give suggestions too. Very nice.

The thought and progression of our blog is so true. Thanks for writing it in an easy to understand way.

It looks like you are a very analytical thinker. Your thought patterns should do well on website posts..

We wish you much success as you work on your niche website.
Mondharma Premium
Hello Jghwebbrand,
Thank you very much for your comments, they really boosted my enthusiasm!
I wish you success too,
Món xx
donnij Premium
That is Fantastic wish i could write like that
Mondharma Premium
Hello Donnij,
Many thanks for your reply..
I am sure you are amazing at something!
Mónica xx
LomoteyA1 Premium
Wow!! Your are such a good writer.Keep it up.
Mondharma Premium
Hello LomoteyA1,
Thanks for your words, very much appreciated!