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Hello Family,How are you all?I have been embarked on this on-line Marketing Life Project for 6 months now, and I would have never imagined reaching this far, as I didn´t have a clue on how to build a website beforehand, and therefore that I was going to be able to build my own one, do it the way I wanted, plus get ranked in google...So this morning I was reflecting on some of my gifts, meanwhile, I was listening to a passionate Spanish guitarist named ¨Paco de Lucía¨, consi
April 13, 2021
In this 21st century so fast and intense, and maybe sometimes so complicated depending on how each person perceives their reality. Surely we have ever questioned ourselves if we are happy or how could be happy...How do we find this space of well-being and happiness in the midst of so much turmoil, uncertainty, and above all so many changes?Well, they are questions among many others, that naturally arise from us in this fast-paced 21st century that sometimes seems to collapse and does not seem t
How many people keep thinking, that they will find one day the perfect solution to all their problems? Maybe trying a new miracle remedy, the magic wand etc.We all have a part of our mind that works with projections, calculating possibilities in the future and preventing dangers by comparing the information of the present moment with past experiences in our brains. It is like a mechanical reaction telling us we have to do something, because there is something ¨we need¨.What I mean is:Ea
February 04, 2021
We really create what we think and feel, therefore we have to be careful with our thoughts, words and especially what we feel.In order for us to see what we are building continously through our thoughts and emotions, you just have to notice for a moment what thoughts you have, which will turn into emotions even if you dont know it. You will surprise yourself by observing them, because at leat 90% of them are negative thoughts. THOUGHTS that prevent us from seeing reality, due to not being based
January 29, 2021
Lifestylist scriptwriter searching physical, mental and spiritual freedom of the human beings.
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