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Last Update: March 08, 2016

Hello everyone,

I received an e-mail from wpbeginner.com, for which I subscribed to their newsletters, about the upcoming WordPress version 4.5 which is expected to be released in the second week of April 2016. I'm NOT that of an expert but thought I'd share some information that could be of benefit.

Below are some of the features in the new version however, wpbeginner.com advised that some may not make it into the final release.

1) Theme Logo Support

WordPress 4.5 will add theme logo support to WordPress core. With the core support for the feature, it would become possible for users to do that from the theme customizer.

2) Visual Editor Improvements

Inline Link Editing:

With WordPress 4.5, pressing CTRL+K will show an inline insert link menu. Simply type the URL and continue writing your post without removing hands from keyboard.

More Inline Text Shortcuts:

WordPress 4.5 is introducing more shortcuts like `code` for code and **bold** for bold.

3) Improved Moderate Comment Screen

With WordPress 4.5, you will get to see an improved screen. It will show you the formatting in comment text as it would appear in the browser. It will also have a link to edit the comment.

4) Responsive Preview in Customizer

WordPress 4.5 will bring another cool addition to the customizer. You would now be able to see responsive previews of your site directly in the customizer.

5) Optimized Image Size Generation

WordPress 4.5 will optimize images further to reduce their site upto 50% without any visible quality loss.

6) Allow Users to Login Using Email Address

In the past, WordPress didn’t allow users to login with email by default. This is expected to change in WordPress 4.5.

7) Developer Features

Selective Refresh in Customizer

WordPress 4.5 will come with a robust framework allowing selective refresh in the customizer. This will make it incredibly fast, and it will allow developers to do great things with live previews.

Customizable Embed Templates

WordPress 4.5 will make the embed templates customizable so that theme authors can have custom displays.

WP_Site Class

WordPress 4.5 will come with WP_Site class for multisite WordPress Installs.

Script Loader

Adding inline scripts will become easier with the introduction of wp_add_inline_script( ) in WordPress 4.5.

For more details and screenshot illustrations, here is where I got the information from


Have a wonderful day.


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KatieMac Premium
Thank you for the updates looks like quite a few changes coming out way, have a good weekend
monamassoud Premium
You are welcome Katie. Have a good weekend too :)
bsmith1222 Premium
Thanks for sharing Mona and you did a great job!
monamassoud Premium
You are welcome Brain :)
SadieChan Premium
Thanks for the info, Mona
monamassoud Premium
You are welcome Sadie :)
sbrookeb Premium
Thank you Mona.
Some much needed changes.
monamassoud Premium
You are welcome Brooke. Glad to pass some useful information :)
allisonhites Premium
Cool blog post. Thank you for sharing. I didn't realize that these updates were happening. Very cool and interesting.
monamassoud Premium
Thanks Allison. Glad to be of help somehow :)