Happiness is Google index!

Last Update: April 06, 2018

So...Google has indexed my page!

I never realised how much work actually goes into building a proper website these days, so I can but only imagine what it must've been like before Wordpress and similar platforms - hats off to the pioneers!

Though it seems that being indexed by Google should make me feel really excited, I'm actually so glued to the grindstone that I haven't really stopped to think what the implications are...

GUYS! it means I'm on the right track to actually getting my first ever business up and running!

Thanks to WA to this excellent platform especially for amateurs like me and thank you to the WA community for your wonderful support and training. I look forward to many more years of networking with you.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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marmar463 Premium
Congratulations on being indexed

Momy Premium
Thank you very much
joejr49 Premium
Congratulations!!! Feels good, doesn't it? Keep up the work, that's just the first step.

Best wishes,

Momy Premium
Thank you kindly :-)
joejr49 Premium
You're welcome.