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This is where I am now. It feels like I'm moving at crawling pace with my website and need my comfort buddy (which is the help community) right beside me all the time! I'm slowly but surely moving up the steps to the landing though, often sliding back a step or two if things aren't going right on my site; but after my tantrum, drying my eyes, pulling myself together and going on again. My website is finally up and running without any glitches (that I'm aware of!), it's indexed and crawled by G
That's me right now....big toothy smile from ear to ear...although I can barely keep my eyes open (it's past midnight in my zone). But I decided I want to blog before shutdown just to pen a huge exhale of relief.You see today was a tough day for me, really tough. And I know my online business journey's only begun and there will be many more challenges but I felt really discouraged today, especially because I didn't get the help I expected to get. I've struggled for 2 days to get a glitch sorted
So...Google has indexed my page! I never realised how much work actually goes into building a proper website these days, so I can but only imagine what it must've been like before Wordpress and similar platforms - hats off to the pioneers!Though it seems that being indexed by Google should make me feel really excited, I'm actually so glued to the grindstone that I haven't really stopped to think what the implications are...GUYS! it means I'm on the right track to actually getting my first ever
March 28, 2018
I've just went ahead and upgraded to Premium! Very excited to start this journey on this great platform and with great people. Thanks to Kyle and Carson for the pioneer work you've done in making this easier for dummies like me! :-)