Graduated from 1st Grade All Over Again!

Last Update: January 11, 2018

It took a while but I have finally completed Course 1. I feel as if I started primary school all over again December 2017. So many new words, terms, meanings; essentially a new language for me. I am experiencing so many thoughts and feelings right now: elation at finally setting up my first EVER website but also overwhelmed at how much more training I need. My advice to persons just joining Wealthy Affiliate: move at your own pace. Do not rush through the courses and videos. Think of the experience like school: take notes, ask questions and do research. Also, please please please take advantage of the wealth of knowledge and guidance here in the WA community. I have never been a part of a community where they actively encourage you to pester them with issues and questions. Better yet, they actually fight to be the one that helps you.

This leads me to my graduation speech (yes I have a speech prepared as I move from Course 1 to Course 2.) I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone here at WA. Each one of you, whether through your blogs, follows, likes, comments, tutorials, videos, questions, answers etc, has been a motivational force for me. We all have struggled together and I truly believe we all will succeed together!

What a way to start off my New Year! Course 2, here I come!!


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MeganW Premium
We are truly blessed with the support and information available here on WA - it is truly a family. I have made many connections with people and one day when my website is making loads of money I will travel and have a coffee or a drink with them! As you said take it at your own pace.

MMoncur Premium
Thank you so much Megan for your comment. I really like your plan! Save a piña colada for me :)

I have already started Course 2 and look forward to the continued support.

Have a great day!