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What is Support? It means many things to many people.

To Support is to give assistance or help to someone enable to function or act.

Wow, when I think of support I think of my parents and how they gave me support. When we are young we don't think about it, we take it for granted what we have. I remember when it hit me. I had just finished high school, I was an average student. I disliked (I try not to use the word hate anymore. My brother-in-law pointed out to my nephew one day. That hate is a very strong word and should be used as such) school. Let me rephrase that I didn't like studying. I thought It was pointless as I was having to much fun.

Well my parents, like most want their children to go to college. I was living at home and working. I used to manage a concession stand in high school on the weekends. The owners liked me and wanted to promote me to a full time manager once I graduated. My father, of course didn't like the idea and wanted me to go to college. I explained to my parents that I wanted to take a break for 1 semester. I would then go to college to pursue a degree. My dad said "no" you will attend college after graduating.

So being hard headed and of course THINKING I knew what was best for me. I said to myself, fine I will go to college but I won't go to my classes. Needless to say I flunked out and was kicked out after the second semester. I said to my parents, didn't I tell you I needed a break! My father was furious, wasting money on me flunking out. He said that's fine, here are you choices since you don't want to go to school.

You move out on your own or you can stay but you have to pay for rent and food.

I said okay I am working so I can pay for rent and food. After a month of that I realize I don't make enough money for rent and food. So I go out and find a second job. Now I am working 80 + hours a week. No time for my friends, not much sleep and no time for to play baseball.

Another month goes by and I reach out to my dad. I said dad, I been thinking about it and I think I want to go back to college. He looks at me and says, "son that is a wise decision, if you do that I will support you". From that day forward I realized how important "support" is and how lucky I was to get that support!

We've come to day 10 of reaching out and leaving a positive message to people

Here is my list today

EricaP - Erica wish you all the best here in WA

MSaleh - Muhammed best of luck in WA

Stevex53 - Steve wish you all the best

JoeyP - Joey best of luck and we need to talk I do some import/export

steveo5770 - Steve what kind of music you play?

Digger12 - Digger love the profile picture, reminds me of home

Mjpd - Maureen thanks for the "so frustrated" blog, I will definitely learn from it!

GarySkoglind - Gary would love to visit some of the places you've lived

Gdood - Gordon, I love to golf too, I am just horrible at it lol.

ChrisGruno - Captain Chris how's my fellow ocean lover? I miss the beach and ocean air

kilan - Mary how is the team building going?

Suetay - Sue thanks for all the kind comments!

DIVICAN - I just finished my cup of Kenyan coffee thinking of you my friend!

MozoTyce - Mozo hope all is well

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mbrin37 Premium
We always know more than our parents until a crisis comes up that we can't handle... usually money. You learn real fast that mom and dad were right most if not all of the time. I like you, had loving and understanding parents as my situation was similar. Thank God for being so fortunate, as many aren't. Good post and cheers... :)
MMatsuo Premium
You are absolutely right Michael! I too am very fortunate, many are not.
SStarrs Premium
Hi Marc . I like your blog .
You are always thinking of other members . Which is a great gift.

I glad you went back to college. Your father knew you needed the support .
Thanks for sharing your blog.
MMatsuo Premium
Yes Shirley,
It seems parents know a lot more then we give them credit for growing up.

Sometimes it's easier for kids to listen to another adult then their own parents. I know it was for me.

Thanks for your support Shirley!

Take care,
JewelCarol Premium
Another nice blog post, thank you Marc. ;)) Btw, thank God we are blessed with supportive and great fathers. ;))
MMatsuo Premium
I could agree more Jewel!
I wish my dad stay here with us longer.
I did learn a lot from him, and used many of his lessons I my life today! I miss him much.

Thank you Jewel!
JewelCarol Premium
I can relate to how you feel, my dad passed away many years but I still miss him so much. ;(
MMatsuo Premium
Jewel I am so sorry to hear that!
I was lucky to have learned a lot from him.
I don't think we really ever get over our loss of a loved one, we just learn to accept it.
suetay Premium
Hey Marc, thanks for the mention.
That was kind of you indeed! :)
Btw, was that a true story about yourself?
MMatsuo Premium
Hi Sue,

Yes it is indeed true.

Thanks for following me.

suetay Premium
You're most welcome, Marc.
It's my pleasure!
Great my friend for such encouragement
MMatsuo Premium
Thank you DIVICAN! So happy I have met you!