Advancing The Goal

Last Update: April 01, 2014

Any success coach worth their salt will tell you that the main ingredient in achieving any goal is the correct mindset. We would be wise to heed this advice.

Being here as a member of Wealthy Affiliate is a real entrepreneurial adventure for me. I am passionate about my goals and I intend to achieve them here. of navigating our way success. The pieces of the puzzle are all here at Wealthy Affiliate, it is just a matter of fitting them into their perspective places. I look forward to the challenges ahead.

I know from personal experience that your goals partnered with right action steps will deliver you the object of your desire.

You will attract all the resources you need to make them come true, with practice and a little help from your friends, you will eventually create a success mindset that will enable you to achieve what ever you want in life.

The greatest tool you have in your arsenal is your own mind, how can you fail when you learn to put it to use to the maximum. We need to challenge ourselves daily. We need to be in touch with our goals regularly, mapping our course of action and getting through current hurdles are active parts of advancing our goals.

The first thing given importance in the Getting Started Course is goal setting. There is a good reason for this. "A man without a goal is like a ship without a rudder"- Thomas Carlyle

Creating a daily goal journal and disciplining myself to use every day is an exercise that provides me with lots of fresh ideas daily and serves to keep me well motivated. I am discovering that my thinking is constantly stimulated around my goal.

When ever I get stuck and can't solve the issue myself I am motivated to ask for help right away. No matter how trivial it may seem. There is always someone willing to help. Most of the time a question I am pondering gets answered before I go seeking it, this happens through a post or a training provide by one of my fellow members.

If we take our goals seriously, by becoming immersed in them without being a slave to them and by taking the action steps necessary every day, our goals will take on a life of their own. This I know from experience. Our goals are like our thoughts, they are things.

Keep advancing your goals.

Sincerely Mike

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MLundrigan Premium
You are so right Carolen
6lifetime21 Premium
Hi Goals are very important. Passion also gives us the shove we need to succeed.
Cheers Carolen
KD6PAO Premium
Very well stated Mike! Without setting goals…well one never gets it done!
MLundrigan Premium
It is so true. Action gives results.