we have to stop meeting like this - a proposal

Last Update: June 30, 2020

There's never been a year in our lifetime like 2020! I follow the covid outbreaks in the us daily. One thing that regretfully is standing out is the number of resurgent infections or new cases in areas that have been recently declared "safe" Many areas are having to shutter down and shelter in homes again.

The feature image represents a recent posting on the Las Vegas strip. There is resentment on wearing masks. However, this is a necessary clothing item of the 3rd decade of the 21st century! There is strong emphasis afoot to require unified use in contact risk areas in the US.

Of particular note is the recent outbreaks in California, Nevada and Arizona as well as other regions of the US southwest.

I have had meetings postponed in my writers marketing group in South Florida twice now. Originally planned for May of this year, our writer's convention was put off till October of this year. Now,with figures of new infections skyrocketing again, it has been tabled until May2021. This represents a year delay!

WA has been fortunate to get in under the wire in Vegas 20. Vegas 21 appears to be moving to a rougher environment. I dare say motivation is at a low so far this year. One advantage involves the lesser attendee of numbers in the tens. That, however is no cure all for the greater infrastructure problems that can occur. Buffet style settings have unique conditions. A ladle for serving food can slip and contaminate soups, stews and other dishes. Many are being shut down.

Unique problems can have proposed unique solutions.

I propose that Kyle and Carson take a win-win marketing approach as I have seen done for other events. At this notable time, half-way through 2020,

  • Reschedule Vegas 21 until Jan 2022.
  • In order to offset depressed interest due to Covid, and presuming better operations by 2022 create a Grand Roaring 20's event
  • Enhance the itenary with even more novel unique options and shows
  • The approximate 18 month lead time can have a greater draw on member interest and effort .
  • My prediction is that member involvement in Share a Sale and other affiliate promotions will skyrocket and bring about an unprecedented gala condition.

Of course, we can't predict certainty in times like this. But rather than stand idle and rely on the sames methods, which clearly aren't working, it's better to seize the day and move forward with new agendas.

As we move ahead. I predict we will not be disappointed

Heres to a challenging and rewarding number of years ahead. The jackpot on this one will eventually pay off big.

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Jacquie8 Premium
That is all very interesting! I have definitely reduced the time spent watching the numbers!
Here in Australia the emphasis has been on not wearing masks, and just on distancing... although that hasn't been well observed more recently, which might be why our numbers are going up again!
Thank you for sharing, Mike

Best wishes,

MKearns Premium
G'day Jacquie. Australia should be safe enough in an isolated world. Unfortunately, its not isolated enough. Wear your mask and stay safe . Watch out for those wildfires during our winter!
Debbi26 Premium
You're absolutely right about never having seen a year like this. I just wrote that on someone's blog. I've seen a LOT of years too. This is, hands down, the worst.

I've stopped watching the COVID #s. There are so many conflicting #s and I've heard too many stories from people that make me think that because there is more testing, the numbers are rising but the fact that many of the tests are faulty is disturbing and will skew the numbers. So, will we ever really know the truth? Probably not. I'm over the media too!

So, we just have to deal with it all the best we can and make the most of our time.

MKearns Premium
Getting a vaccine read y is the point of the spear, Debbi. One step at a time!
heljam404A Premium
Hey Mike great to see you. Great post my friend!
MKearns Premium
Great to be back for awhile Robert!
Dorrie1 Premium Plus
Great post
Stanleycmng Premium
Agree with your post, sad but true on the motivation observation.