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Last Update: June 30, 2019

Social media can be your best friend as a marketer. It's simply a matter of cherry picking the best platform for your needs.

This diorama targets the user experience from initial viewing starting from initial awareness as a visiting observer. Once initial interest is effectively engaged, the process continues with an effective following capture arrangement.

The website begins the steep gradient of a first formal content information optimization. Blogging further refines and fine-tunes the content.

Now the marketer is ready to pounce for the capture. The conversion process is the critical grab and justification of the initial funnel. After the lead magnet has done its work, the rubber meets the road for customer acquisition With the accomplished sale, the heart of the process is arrived at and all efforts are justified.

Savvy marketing planning immediately switches to retention mode. Now warranties, guarantees and service agreements kick in. Loyalty is gained and then cemented through e-mail and customer centered forums.

Now you have the customer, their yours! They must be magnified in brand advocacy and a footprint of repeat business. Here is where the copywriter kicks in with outstanding and continuously engaging content.

They must be given a success experience and it must be continuous. Research and advisories about competitors is important here. Use Google Tools and Analytic generously. Continuity can be further guaranteed through working affiliate arrangements.

Some of you may be wondering what part social media plays in all this The answer is everything. Many platforms engage socially in a business gathering mode with prospective, acquired and retained customers. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and You Tube for visual enticement. They all bear the load in different flavors of engagement. But they all serve the same purpose. An engaged, sold and continuously happy customer!

I wish you all success in going social with the large array of media engagement available to you!


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Blanka1 Premium
Love the funnel! Excellent explanation, thank you!
MKearns Premium
My pleasure Blanka.
Ceofalseface Premium
Great stuff Mkearns...
Enjoyed the post.
MKearns Premium
My pleasure sir!
ExpatMark Premium
Love, love, love that tunnel graphic. Thanks for sharing some more excellent content with us.

MKearns Premium
Thank you, my friend!
lesabre Premium
Another bookmark in the Mike Kearns library.
Thank you Mike,
MKearns Premium
Michael to Michael-- Thank you!
LLettau1 Premium
There truly is many social media engagement opportunities available.
MKearns Premium
Infinite -