Intelligent design in the Universe and covid 19

Last Update: April 27, 2020

I have had the chance to do some deep r\reading while the exterior world of touch, taste in the restaurants, social congregation and feeling the wind in my face has been shut down. We are all awaiting some unconfirmed release date of the "new normal".

Physicists have postulated the existence of separately unique spaced multiverses that go beyond our native space

Even in the theoretical world of a multiverse, each component will have its bounded space that will keep it protected and discrete from cross trafficking. Cross trafficking "infections occur naturally in the closeness of our own solar system. The "mars rock" found in Antarctica is a prime example. The postulated transference of bacteria and other forms of life among the planets is called panspermia!

Solar system debris found in Antarctica November 1984

The vast immensities of distance and temperature extremes as well as the lack of oxygen create a natural barrier against infection between star systems. Most of what reaches earths' atmosphere is burned up on entry. Likely as not, if these barriers did not exist the universe would be a far different place. It would most likely be lifeles if worlds like Earth were crowded together.

We now are "blessed "with the ability to manage our own "containment systems" in these trying times. Constant effort and updates go into the design and production of our own protective shielding. Proper distancing against inordinate "cross trafficking" is constantly being established.

We stand at a crossroads which requires the sacrifice of ingrained habit and "comfort zone". Are we up to it? I think we are! Whether we voted for it or not, this grand and epoch making experiment has been given to us all. We have been blessed with the unknowing parallel development of technology just for watching movies alone as theaters are closed down.

As I look out upon the lime green radiance of spring growth and hear unique birdsong every day, I feel elated! What a great time to be alive! and make a difference in our own way and to others!

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nosven1 Premium
Hello Mike,

Very interesting perspective, but I still believe this is all about control. I work part-time in off-line job dealing with the public in food distribution and see the panic driven rushes on certain products.Part of this is an experiment on human nature reaction. I am not trying to scare people but educate them. This can be and might be used again in the future because it works for those who manipulate.Just look at the hoarding of certain products if you disagree with me. Please explain what the term "The New Normal means"?
Wayne66 Premium
Interesting perspective, Mike. I am beginning to NOT enjoy this isolation thing but I do have to say that I also have been enjoying the beauty of nature around me.

Not to sure about the "multiverse" theory though. I think it fits more into someone's imagination than actual reality. Am a firm believer in "Intelligent Design" though. The diversity and beauty of nature and the cosmos is enough to convince me.
marcho88 Premium
Hi Mike, thank you for the information. :) Marc
MKearns Premium
My pleasure Marc!
JosonInc Premium
Intelligent design and multiverses sound great. We have yet to see physical evidence concerning multiverses. It is a great theory that would be awesome if true.

The intelligence behind intelligent design is another thing. Who is it or what is it? Could intelligence originating from within the known physical universe be the intelligence behind design? No. Could the 'multiverse' be the source? No. So who is it? What is it?

Just wondered.

MKearns Premium
This is theory without first-hand observation and the subject of much thought, theoretical and cinematic!
lesabre Premium
Hi Mike, it is great to read your posts. Sometimes these containment systems get stressed. I am glad the majority abides by the rules of necessary quarantine.

Hope you are doing well. All the best,
MKearns Premium
Thanks for your response, Michael!