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Last Update: June 28, 2020

In the US, the governors of the respective state have been given the privilege of delegated power the deal with the Covid pandemic. Each day and each jurisdiction has a different scenario for resolution.

In Maryland and many other sites, recovery plans are in effect. The current plan is composed of three recovery states (phases) these stages I feature allowing people out of their homes the isolated activities such as hiking, stargazing, etc. The criteria involves minimal contact.

We are in the phase 2 which allows the opening of some businesses such as restaurants where strict distancing reductions are in effect.

Phase 3 which I estimate will reach my area about September will focus on larger gatherings. I, like many, miss large gatherings such as business meetings and theaters. The virtual world is a real downer. It may be convenient but it has taken social bonding from society and replaced it with virtual straitjackets. There are instances of psycho logic trauma involved in this necessary future shock.

One of the latest discoveries involves the desire the bring back the drive in theater. I love the convenience of Netflix. However,' the big screen and Sensurround environment have an attraction all their own.

but what do we do when these sites have been demolished or removed? Covid times require new ideas or reversals the jump start business again. A novel approach is the

  1. make use of clear space such as open tracts or fairgrounds
  2. multipurpose those areas with move in screens and audio stations
  3. Use technological innovation such as EZ Pass transponders the pipe audio and visual effects the your vehicle
These fairgrounds equate to vacant space much of the time in a distancing friendly environment

The point here is that marketing and business innovation will conquer all unforeseen obstacles as has been dealt us this year.

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    Linda103 Premium
    We will get through this as we have so many things in the past Michael.
    Here in the UK, may things are opening up. Shops, pubs etc. Social distancing is reduced to 1 metre now, many are back at work.
    In areas where larger gatherings occurred when people could go out and further a field, are seeing spikes of new cases. This shows it is wise to stick to rules about distance and larger gatherings for now.
    Wdcope Premium
    Years ago when we had gas shortages we could handle it. When we had swine Flu, H1N1, major recession 2008, and 9/11 seems that was going to be it for my lifetime, and pow!! We have to go through this lockdown scenario.
    Online is great, but i yearn for more than Zoom, and get back to travel whether it be domestic or International. Lives have been put on hold like never before in my lifetime and 69 I want to enjoy how much I still have left.
    Some of your ideas are great. Drive-ins I enjoyed, and miss the fairs this year and the mingling of people at festivals etc.

    Let's pray and hope it gets to some normalcy by fall. Need my fix of collegiate sports and it will be awesome. Pro sports I do not care for spoiled over paid divas so much.. lol!
    Good post Mike, and great to hear from you.
    Take care,
    lynnsam61 Premium
    Hi Mike,

    Totally agree that the virtual world can be a real downer, especially when it's our only option. Certain businesses are thriving, the obvious being FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google). Our daughter who got her MBA after moving in with us when UC Berkeley went totally online in March just got hired by Amazon. Wahoo at least someone will be making real money in our home :)

    I love your idea about repurposing large spaces like unused fairgrounds. We all need to start thinking outside of the box because this isn't going away anytime soon.

    MKearns Premium
    Thank you Erica. These are exciting times as we think outwardly!
    Joes946 Premium
    Great post Mike. Glad you're back.
    BobMargroff Premium
    Great post Mike. Heck, some music groups are doing the Drive in concert. Not exactly certain how that will pan out, but am interested in seeing some semblance of normalcy again.

    I wish you the best!