Last Update: April 18, 2016

I am SO thankful for Wealthy Affiliate! I have spent so many months/years living paycheck to paycheck - doing without so that we could meet our obligations, and always looking for something I could do to earn a decent income. I always knew there had to be SOMETHING out there - and now I've found it! I've learned how to live without - FEAR doesn't even enter into the equation anymore. I no longer fear failure - I've been there and I've survived. I honestly believe that it's only through failure that you can really begin to appreciate success! One thing about hitting rock bottom, there's no way left but up.

WA is such an awesome opportunity, and the financial investment is SO minimal compared to the opportunity, the wealth of information, and the training and support that's here. If I don't succeed, it will be for one reason only - I won't have tried. The potential rewards are significant enough to make it worth the "whatever it takes" effort and focus. I will BELIEVE in myself, put in the effort and the time, and I WILL achieve success!

Can't wait to start earning, sharing and encouraging others!
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jrswab Premium
if you don't give up you will reach your goals
mjw57 Premium
Oh, I won't give up! What have I got to lose?
jrswab Premium