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Last Update: February 09, 2017

If you are using eBay Partner ads on your site you may have had the same problem I had: When I made the transition from "http" sites to the more secure "https" sites, my visual eBay ads disappeared.

It took me awhile back and forth with eBay Partner Help but I found out what is going on and a workaround. Here's the scoop:

Their visual ads are blocked by the "https" secure sites and will not show unless you know exactly how to bypass the security, which is different for every browser. That's no good to me because I don't want my potential customers not seeing my ads - even if they knew how to unblock the ads they wouldn't know to do it because they can't see that there is a problem. eBay help told me they are working to resolve this issue.

In the meantime, if you still want to use eBay Partner ads, you can effectively use their "Link Generator" with is text-only and no graphics. I'm now using them on several of my sites.

Hope this helps anyone who is having this problem.

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rosie40 Premium
Is Ebay good to promote,,, I live in Australia,, so I am more used to ebay than amazon
mjdimarco Premium
Hello Rosie. I think it is. I use it on my sites with a fair degree of success.
GiuliaB Premium
You know what Mj, this little issue has driven me absolutely insane. Until I found a way to go round it. It may not be quite what you wanted, but check my training out to see if it helps: Let me know how you get on.

ArmaniTol Premium
Thanks for the heads up, Mike. I'm not a partner with the ebay affiliate program just yet. But, after reading your post, I'll be taking this into consideration. I hope you're not having anymore problems with the ebay partnership affiliate program.