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Welcome all to my very first video training!!

What prompted me to launch this training was sheer frustration at the fact that, as some of you may know, for nearly 2 weeks I came to a proper standstill when I was unable to add the eBay banner to my sidebar. eBay kept giving me a HTML code for its custom banner - a banner that would show all the items I had for sale on eBay - but not a banner of eBay logo.

Then I had a brainwave, and was so exited to have found a solution that I decided to share it with you.

What you need to do is treat the banner as a linked picture on your post. You copy the text of your linked picture or logo, and transfer it on to your widget. Watch the video, and all shall be revealed!!!

I hope you enjoy it - if so, please click on the green 'Like This' button below. Likewise,by all means do leave your comments, kind or rude whichever. I shall reply to all of you.


P.S. I hope my squeeky voice and my terrible accent will not put you off from following any more of my training!!!

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amgolf Premium
Thank you for a dedication.
GiuliaB Premium
You are most welcome my friend!!
halinphilly Premium
Yes, seems like a great work-around. I always like to quote from John Lennon's song, "Watching the Wheels"

Ah, people ask me questions, lost in confusion
Well, I tell them there's no problem...
Only solutions

Okay, MEME time!
GiuliaB Premium
Yep, exactly that!! #lol
kasage00 Premium
thanks for sharing!
GiuliaB Premium
You are very welcome Karin!
TedBliss Premium
Thanks for posting your resolution to a problem. It's a great work-around and very handy for creating your own link on whatever image you want. Keep up the good work.

GiuliaB Premium
Thanks Ted, much appreciated!!
drcmaint Premium
This is good, thanks.
GiuliaB Premium
You are very welcome my friend, thanks for your support!