How To Turn Your Writing Web Content From Blah Into Fantastic

Last Update: March 19, 2017

Many of you are new at blogging or writing web content so I want to suggest to you a few tricks and tools to make your blog posts a success.

A Few Tricks

  • Have a person in mind when you write; you'll find it a lot easier to write in a conversational style, the way you would write to a friend.
  • Write each post for that one keyword; that keyword should be in the title, the first paragraph, one other time somewhere, and in the last paragraph.
  • Make short sentences and only three to four sentences per paragraph.
  • Add subheadings (like I did here) and leave white space for it is easier on the eyes.
  • As for color, black writing on a white background is usually preferred although you may use a very light background color. Never use the reverse (white on black) because it is hard to read for any length of time.

A Few Great Tools (Free)

Still having some trouble deciding on a domain name you'd like? You can type your keyword(s) and it will give you some other ideas:

Would you like to generate some great titles for your blogs or posts? I love this one: (secret: my blog title comes from here)

It is a good practice to always have a picture with your article. Searching the web, you'll find many free pictures but make sure you always use Royalty Free or Public Domain. Here is a great site that refers to 20 sites with free pics:

You may also want to resize your pictures so that your site loading time is minimized. Here is a good free tool:

Before you publish, make sure your grammar is checked. You can use this tool for free (that's what I do and works very well) but only for PC's not on Mac users, sorry. Update: it seems to work on a Mac too, so maybe give it a try!

Now you have another great base to start... so let your imagination flow!

To your writing success!

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Debbi26 Premium
There's a lot of nice tools here. I use Pixaby for images.
mjbarrelet Premium
Yes, it is good too... there are quite a few actually out there.
JudeP Premium
Thanks so much for sharing this valuable info :)
mjbarrelet Premium
Your welcome ;)
Pios2012 Premium
Thank you for all of these info's. . Have a nice day.
mjbarrelet Premium
Glad it will help you! Thank you and you too ;)
RogerHumbke Premium
Thanks for sharing. I will be making use of both the tips and the sites.
mjbarrelet Premium
Great! These are some of my best tools!
Sheila50 Premium
Great tips! Wonderful of you to share! I really like the first tip to think of someone when you write! Great job!
mjbarrelet Premium
Thanks so much! Yes, it really helps to write to one person only. Try it!