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Last Update: May 29, 2017

When I go and look at my pages or my posts, where it shows SEO title, or SEO description it says none. Is that what they mean when they say All In One SEO works behind the scenes and you won't really see what it is doing?

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MizBurke314 Premium
Thanks Kyle. It just looks incomplete as it sits. Guess I'd better learn patience. Thank you, Craig for your answer. I very much appreciate that link. Now I just have to remind myself to come back to this page to reread when needed.
Kyle Premium Plus
Yeah, that is fine. You only need to set up your AIO SEO title and description tags initially for your homepage. As you build out pages and posts, these will pull from your content automatically.

Post Title => Meta Title
First Block of Content => Meta Description

Google tends to pull the most relevant content for the description, regardless as to what you have set as the Meta tags as they will override that based on what they feel is the most appropriate.
craigrut Premium
Hi there,

Check this article out for more information:

Scroll to this portion specifically:
Optimizing Posts and Pages with All in One SEO

Basically it will auto fill things in for you, but it might not be optimal. Many people recommend manually filling these fields in.