How do you make use of your "New User Registration" on your website?

Last Update: June 09, 2019

How do you make use of your "New User Registration" on your website?

On my websites, I have been getting New User Registration everyday. Previously, I have tried emailing them once a while to notify them of my latest posts. Sometimes I will send them advertising materials; maybe they will hate me for it.

I want to ask you a few questions.

  1. how many users you have?
  2. how do you make use of your user list?
  3. what is your success story?

I hope you can share your story with us and it would be useful for people like me who are clueless. I have been with WA for 5 years already and still struggling with some issues.



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MarionBlack Premium
Your "new users" are most likely bots trying to hack your website. Do you have a form for them to fill in? If not, then how do they subscribe? Real people would need to fill out a form.

Go to Settings > General and take the tick out of the box "Anyone can register" then delete all the users that should not be there.
MisterWailor Premium
How do i create a form?
MarionBlack Premium
It's an old tutorial, Stephen. You may want to use MailPoet instead of the plugin recommended (both work but MailPoet is more up-to-date).