Adding Google Analytics To SiteRubix

Last Update: November 06, 2012
Wazz Up Peeps,

I just recorded a video as I hear "how do I add google analytics to wordpress" almost on a daily basis here at the WA.... Not surprising as we have new members joining every day!

Anyway I tried to upload it as a training video but he uploader is on the blink again...

Click That Man's nose To See How-To!

Click in the "small" image of the geezer above to be taken to where the goodies lie.

Cheers Tony B aka Mission0ps

. a peek inside my head

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onsitem2 Premium
Hi Tony,
Is it easy to change the siterubics url to a .com or .org after adding it to google analytics or must i resubmit the website using the new url? Thank you :-)
mission0ps Premium

You'd have to resubmit the new url buddy.
jespinola Premium
Nice Post. Tony. Hi post can help to new members :)
mission0ps Premium
If they ever find it lol
jespinola Premium
hahaha i found it in your profile =)