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Welcome! John
Miro Premium

I am very glad to have found this interesting system of useful information and many of great contributors who continuously keep improving it. With my background in marketing and business this is a great way to add to my knowledge and keep around hard working people.

Research and writing are definately my passions and this is a great way to turn them into a profit.

For recreation I enjoy travelling, reading, hiking, working out, socializing, meeting new and interesting people.

I am looking forward to developing new relationships through this system and contributing to it's community/family.

Keep up hard work!

Miro Premium
Hello to all readers of this,

With my background in Audio-Visual productions, marketing, and business I am very glad to have found this great university which helps me improve my knowledge and gives great opportunities for developing my own business that I have set my mind on. After researching so many different online businesses and not finding honest opportunities in them, I am glad to have found this great one which offers so much for anyone who is willing to work hard to achieve their goals of owning their own online business.

I appreciate conveniences of modern technology and love to research and educate myself about it as much as I can in my spare time. Also, I love reading about business, history, science, health, computers, etc...

For recreation I enjoy travelling, hiking, socializing, meeting new and interesting people. Writing is definately one of my passions and this is a great way to turn it into a profitable opportunity! I also love to edit and design images with computer software, though I have not done much of that over last few years. Researching and finding information on internet is another one of my passions, and during cold witner months sometimes it's my addiction. You have to be addicted to something, right? LOL

I have interests for different languages and cultures and always enjoy learning new things regarding the mentioned. I am fluent in English, Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian and also know some German and French.

Listening to music is also one of my "stronger" interests. I enjoy many different types of it, even songs in languages that I can't even understand at all. Photograpy would be one of my favourite hobbies and interests. I have over ten years of experience as professional videographer, audio engineer, editor...

Well, I better stop before this turns into a book about ME. I am looking forward to meeting more interesting people through this great system and for future collaborations and my personal contributions to WA University. At the beginning of joining I took this as a hobby but will have to follow a great advice that Kyle gave me, which is: To turn my hobby into a PASSION. Thanks for this great advice Kyle. Even after reading just a few paragraphs of training and any of your books I feel very inspired and have decided to increase my motivation all the way to success with this!!! I am very grateful for all help of other great members whom I have met thus far and who have given me useful advice and motivation.

The best of luck to all with this and keep working hard towards achieving your success and freedom that comes with it.

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Welcome to the WA family
Miro Premium
Thanks! I have decided to spend more time with the family now as it's always motivational and WELL SPENT!