Last Update: February 13, 2015

Hi again everyone. So far 63 are following, but I don't know what that means. It is a compliment but I doubt I even understand it. Please tell me - maybe I have to also put this in the questions spot: is it bad to not click onto follow a lot? Sorry but I honestly don't even know that.

Many of you have been friendly and are interesting people. We are not all alike. I really appreciate how group dynamics improve learning and make it more fun when it does not degenerate into distraction.

I think I managed to make a little progress with building a suitable website. Feedback did help.

If you haven't given feedback, try it. I know I did and it was painless.

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ChrisBL Premium
Follow back is a good thing, following is a good thing, making friends is, and being here at WA is a very good thing. Wish you every success Miriampia
Michelle04 Premium
Hi Miriam. When you say that you have 63 people following you, it is your network. You have 63 people in your network that will always see when you ask a question or need help. If you are following them back, you will also be notified when they put a question or blog out. It's nice to have a network of people with knowledge that can help you out quicker. :)
David_S Premium
Well you basically follow people who you find interesting or want to follow their success.