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Hi all, today I'm sharing with you all my first year badge earned with WA training program, I managed to stay here for one year and now the plan is to be here for the whole second year, lets see what the time brings. I've been thinking about leaving as most of us did I suppose and this down to the believe that as the time goes on I realize more and more how hard it is to make any money at all in this business. In my first year I've made so many mistakes that correcting them all takes months and
Hi all, this post will be continuation of recording of progress of my WA journey as described in the previous one : as it looks that I've run out of space on it.Am I right that there is limit in post lenght on WA?22/12/2016 - 15/01/2017I'm still veru much concerned with loading time of BaMC and BAT and keep improving it. Soon new BaMC and BAT logo will be uploaded to blog.16/01/2017Going through posts and pages on BaMC and doing corrections
December 11, 2016
Hi everyone, let me share the excitement with you. I do not post here often at all, neither I do on BaMC and BAT, obviously not often enough. As I planned before, on the beginning of my WA adventure I now started to build my new website, this time in Polish, my mother language, no point to give you link to this site as there is nothing on it as of now but it is going to be about ways to heal naturally, as I've been interested in this topic for many years and chose it as my next niche. I'm going
August 04, 2016
Changes are coming and they are unavoidable if you commit to success, build a plan and act upon it.Changes might not be visible as of yet but if you keep feeling strong enough inside you will overcame all obstacles that will come your way.You are on your way to success with WA!Keep telling yourself: I believe.BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!
This simple tip will help you a lot to find out how to increase productivity in wealthyaffiliate.We are all very busy nowadays with our lives, often working and learning, learning how to become an entrepreneur for example. It can be really difficult to mange our time properly. With help comes this simple trick.START USING STICKY NOTES. Here is what I do to increase number of things I can tick off on my to do list.I have my working on the computer sessions planned, but before I start the session
Just wanted to create training for the first time but I am not allowed ?Not very good. despite I got this email few weeks ago. I even had my first picture ready for this training
I have replied within a minute , people ask questions, people get answers :) What are you doing every day to make this happen ? Believe in yourself! Hit for me the like button below and share with friends, I loved sharing this with you!
Hi all,I have been told that I need to create my own pictures and videos so I'm now starting to create videos with biteable and gyazo comment with your experience
Hi everyone,always evaluating content, my blog number one is here to let you learn along with me and to let you know about my goals which are not secret but will help me to keep record of all achievements thanks to the courses on WA site. Please follow along and ask questions if you stuck with anything, this blog is for us all to follow the learning at WA. Follow and learn from here if you have signed up through my affiliate link to become WA member. To your success!I will keep full progress o