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Hello! This is a quick post to remind you to go ahead and register your website(s)/brand name(s) on Instagram if you haven't already done this!

I learned the hard way that it's important to go ahead and register your website name/brand name(s) RIGHT AWAY, before someone else creates an Instagram account in your website name/brand name. This applies for all key social media platforms that you have been meaning to start using. Most of us are in this boat, so let's not beat ourselves up! However: get to work protecting your website name/brand name(s) by registering them on all of the important social media you know you SHOULD be using.

Here's what happened last week: I decided to use a Trader Joe's recipe contest to (force) myself to go ahead and create an Instagram account for my JoyofVeg website (registered years ago -- currently re-building, work in progress for the website).

I created a DELICIOUS, healthy, 3-ingredient vegan chocolate ice cream recipe for the Trader Joe's contest. The ONLY mode of entering the contest was via Instagram. GREAT! I decided to use the contest as impetus to force myself to go ahead and create my Instagram account for my JoyofVeg website!

We took great pictures! I went to register my Instagram account for my JoyofVeg website!

When lo, and woe .... Some years ago (after I registered my JoyofVeg website) someone created a JoyofVeg Instagra account, posted a few posts, and never used it again. Others created various versions of my JoyofVeg brand name on Instagram.

I ended up registering a JoyofVegcom Instagram name that wasn't ideal (I just added the "com" to my brand name, hoping people would understand that meant my website .com -- but it's not ideal.) I was under the wire for the recipe contest deadline, but the contest was solely my own way to get myself to take action and create the Instagram account for JoyofVeg!

It was so disappointing to find that my brand name had already been registered on Instagram. I had to scramble to come up with the alternative: (adding com to my brand name for the Instagram account -- I was under the wire to get my recipe in before the contest deadline!)

I hope that my cautionary tale will give YOU the impetus to go ahead and just REGISTER your website name/brand name(s) NOW on Instagram (and other social media) -- but for starters, on Instagram, because it's FREE to register! (You do need to use a different email address for each of your Instagram account(s) for each of your website name/brand name(s).)

Here's the AMAZING thing. Instagram can = instant gratification.

After I posted 2 Instagram posts, I already was getting comments and followers. Like this comment on my 3-Ingredient (health) vegan chocolate ice cream recipe:

As a vegan mother, this is incredibly exciting! I’ll report back
if I can on how the recipe goes! Question- have you tried the rock salt
method with this? Do you think it would work?

Then I got this message:
Hiya, your feed is lovely. We are looking for unique individuals to rep our brand. Please message us if you're interested.

This was after only 1 or 2 posts on Instagram.
This is POWERFUL and amazing stuff!

JUMP RIGHT IN! The water is fine :)

ps I couldn't figure out how to change the orientation of my photo for my 3-ingredient healthy vegan chocolate ice cream photo above (flowers in the background), so, ooops for now. I'll try to figure out the photo malfunction. (You can see the correct photo orientation on the joyofvegcom Instagram account - link on my profile home page).

Also: Check out the recipe, it's so delicious AND healthy!
3 ingredients are: Organic Coconut Cream (1 can); 14 medjool dates (soaked in one cup of water); 7 tbsp cocoa powder. Basically, whip those 3 ingredients up in a high-powered blender, place in fridge for an hour or so, then take it for another spin in the blender, pour it in previously-frozen ice cream maker -- turn on the ice cream maker (1/2 hour or so). DELICIOUS! Did you know that a medjool date has more potassium than a banana? plus fiber, micro nutrients, AND they are SWEET and delicious (nature's candy bar). Yum. The recipe is on the joyofvegcom Instagram account (linked on my profile page at WA).


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Hi Kate,

Great post thank you for the share.

I like the new name, joyofvegcom. It seems to convey a message.

Best of success,


Thanks, Michael! I appreciate your kind message and your ever positive support.
Thanks again,

Well said, Kate. :)

Thanks so much! I hope everything is going great - nice to see you!

Thanks for the information. I will have to check my social media accounts.


Thanks for your message, Derek. It's something I had been putting off but truly Instagram & Youtube are treasure troves of possibility and potential - and they are free tools - pretty amazing stuff. Thanks again!

Thank you for the heads up. I have shied away from Instagram but I have been seeing here that lots of people are experiencing good success using it. I know that I need to go over and become a member.
I hope that no one has used my brand.


Hello Russell,
Go for it! The sooner you grab your brand name the better, and if you need to get creative with a work-around, maybe google it to look for what to do if someone has already registered your brand name on Instagram. I was under the wire with recipe contest deadline so my solution wasn't ideal, and I haven't even Googled yet to find out ideas for alternate solutions if your name has already been registered on Instagram.

That being said, also be sure to use hashtags in your post so more people will see your posts on Instagram; and use the written part of the post as a kind of mini blog post: content & SEO matter in Instagram too -- but it's so much faster and easier than planning out a whole blog post! Plus, you can re-purpose blogs you have already written on your website by summarizing previous blogs, including with your matching Instagram image, and include the website address for the blog post that has more information. (It won't be a direct link -- but people can copy the link into their browser to go to your website and read more on the topic.)

For the hashtags, check out what established Instagram accounts are using for hashtags for similar niche/content/topics, and then you can copy the whole hashtag list and tailor to fit your post (deleting hashtags that aren't relevant; adding additional hashtags if appropriate, etc.) I found that was a quick and easy way to just jump in the game without any training/research etc.

The results I have gotten from just a few posts on Instagram were almost instant; now I am going to keep going; keep posting; keep building. Compared with planning and writing long blog posts, Instagram can be (comparatively) such a fun, creative breather that also can get you powerful results, quickly!
Have fun with it!

I guess then that your experience so far has been more through trial and error than training.

Thank you for taking the time to share all that detail. I will have to read again cause I know that I didn't get it all in one read.

All the best to you.

Great tip. Thanks!

This is really helpful, thanks for the tip. I haven't started with social media yet, but this has lit a fire under me to at least get the accounts created today, even if I don't start using them today. Thanks again.

That's great! I'm so glad to hear that. I'm following you and I look forward to hearing about all of your success(es). The level of potential practically instant results with a platform like Instagram (& Youtube) tells me this is where focus and energy should be spent. Quick pointer: Before posting your first Instagram post, take a look at similar theme/niche Instagram accounts, and take a look at the hashtags# they are using. Then you can copy and tailor a good list of hashtags to include (often I see these at the end of the Instagram post). The hashtags are important because they help your posts to be seen more widely, and by people/readers who are interested in your topic. Also: USE the comment area when you post your image on Instagram to include lots of written content. The written area is like a mini blog post. (Important for Instagram version of SEO). It's also a way to repurpose content you have previously published on your website; you can include a summary with your image, and then direct people to the website/page where they can read the more detailed (previously posted) blog post. Just a few additional ideas to help you get started!

Never have done anything on Instagram. But I do make vegan chocolate "milkshakes" in my vitamix. Will try it with your ingredients.

so I just went there (instagram, not the kitchen) and discovered that I had an account as Rosana.Hart which I had done ages ago. Lots of my FB friends were already following me, and some of you from here. Now to use it and create one for my memoir-writing me, Zana Hart.

Hello Rosana! Vegan chocolate "milkshakes" in the Vitamix (high-speed blender) are so easy and delish (no ice cream maker required!)

How do you make yours?

I cut up ripe bananas and keep them in the freezer (in a glass container w/plastic pop-off lid).
When anyone has a hankering for a chocolate (vegan) shake, we just pop the frozen banana chunks into the Vitamix with some cacao powder or cocoa powder (and a little plant-based milk), blend, and voila! Soft-serve vegan ice cream (or a milkshake - depending how much plant milk you want to add). So delicious.

Sometimes we add a few medjool dates (after removing the pits) for extra sweetness + potassium + fiber + micronutrients; maybe add a tbsp of ground flaxseed (powerful health benefits); blend!

That is great, Rosana! Create your memoir-writing Instagram account, and also you can re-purpose previous blog posts from your website by posting mini-versions in your Instagram account (along with your website address for the full article/blog post that you wrote previously for people who want to learn more.)
Re-purposing some of your previous blog posts/website content is a relatively easy and fast way to get going on posting frequently to Instagram without a lot of additional work!
It's fun (for me, more fun than writing long blog posts -- Return on Investment is fantastic with Instagram!)

Perfect! Will start that today!

Just plant-based milk, cocoa,and a little coconut sweetener usually, but whatever is on hand!

Thanks for the motivation.

I just created an Instagram account a few days ago but havnt posted a anything yet.

This has prompted me to get to work on social media!

Hi Bimby,
That's great! Just get started, one post at a time. You can re-purpose blog posts that you have previously written; choose a great photo to go with your content, include the website address for the full blog post for people who want to read more.

Be sure to include a good list of specific, targeted hashtags # for your niche/content/post topic. I looked at some of the professional looking Instagram posts for my topic and copied the hashtag list from one of them, and tailored it (deleting and adding to the hashtag list) for my post. Seemed like a quick and easy way to jump in without taking endless time to do more research, more training, etc. What we need to do is TAKE ACTION and start POSTING on Instagram (as well as Youtube -- but Youtube takes so much more effort; it's easy to get started on Instagram and to continue posting regularly on Instagram WHILE getting up to speed with Youtube.)

Please let us know how it goes!

Thanks for your response and thanks for the tips. They'll definitely come in handy.

This is what I call ’call to action’. Thanks a million, just the kick in the butt I needed to get IG started. And of course I will try out your lovely recipe, sounds super simple and super tasty, perfect for lazy, hot summer days...

Thanks so much for your message! I'm so glad my call to action is helping you to get started with Instagram -- honestly, it can be so much fun!

Thanks again for your kind message --
Go for it! I can't wait to hear about your IG results.

Brilliiant post thanks, this has been on my mind and your experience is telling me what i need to do. To share some value with you i will leave a link to a site i occasioned across a while a go, it could be of use to you if you are ever looking for inspiration for recipes and again many thanks.

Hello Culian,
Thanks for your message! This website is LOVELY! (GatherVictoria link) in your comment. This is great. Thanks so much for sharing this. Wonderful photos AND recipes!

Aye that it is, I stumbled across it when i was looking at foraging sites which is something i have done, foraging that is since i was a kid. Again thanks for the post and here`s wishing you success :)

My earliest memory of "foraging" came from my father's fondness for honeysuckle, and this is reminding me that ... sadly, I have not come across any honeysuckle in a long time!

Those beautiful honeysuckle flowers where you pull the yellow stem/stamen from the white flower and at the end is a delicious honey-like (although not so thick or sticky) nectar ... divine :)

Makes me think of childhood, and my dad, AND makes me now want to purchase a honeysuckle plant for my garden.

(Except that we have too much shade -- so many lovely trees but then nothing grows. I gave up on tomatoes - my tomato experiment cost me around $100 for around 15 tomato yield between the lovely deer, the birds and the squirrels. sigh. :) HONEYSUCKLE!

Wow. I am going through some old sites. And have been putting off insta. That's great motivation thank you. I'm going to get on that.

Was the official yoyofveg gone to?


I thought about "theofficialjoyofveg" or "officialjoyofveg" or "realjoyofveg" but didn't even google yet what the best thing to do is if your brand name/website name has already been registered on Instagram. At the same time I was under the wire for recipe contest deadline - so I went with adding "com" to my brand name, as a placeholder. Definitely something I need to research, but I wanted to remind as many people as possible to go ahead and register your website name/brand name on Instagram (its' free!) and other social media so no one else will take your name. Or, if you need to get creative -- go ahead and get started -- but most importantly, start posting on Instagram, now!
Thanks for you message!

I hears ya loud and clear. And very appreciative of you post! I am 1 brand on :) I have known insta to be the place for an embarassing amount of time lol. You are absolutely right and we literally can kill it with traffic way sooner than SEO lol.

Thank you again.

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