Payments Picking Up

Last Update: July 11, 2021

Picking Up Payments

Affiliate links are paying off thru PayPal. Payments picking up. Another Payment came in thru my lil buddy PayPal.

I am not doing my job. There are so many to do. Advertising stopped 3 weeks ago due to functioning of my email. So that my fault not keeping up with my small Affiliate collection, but somebody paid off again. Yee Haw...

Another list to be made of my many jobs to tend to thru site. Lil site is going. I need to add more. Best wishes to all. We start small, but lil things grow, I do know that. As long as, as you keep feeding your lil batches of whatever you are growing. Make sure you water it n feed it. Obviously, the more the better.

Like the snake patch in back yard is growing, so are my lil Affiliate links.

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Jocelyn30 Premium
Small step contribute in a huge success Lisa, matter of continue what we doing and in the right time. . . .BINGO:)

You are not alone gal, but the beauty of being in WA community you got them behind you to encourage you and support you, worth to persevere and just be in the corner of success!

I'm with you, muawahhhh

CherryRed20 Premium
This is really great, Lisa.

Dadaz123 Premium
Hi Lisa, remember we were told not to look down on small beginnings? Some of the big business enterprises you see started small in garages and now are multi-billion organizations.
As long as we see some growth, we should put in the effort so we can go from small start-ups to big businesses
I have been so busy developing my website content that I barely get to work on email systems. But then again, it feels terrific knowing that there's a chance of being more successful when I read this blog post!

I'm not doing my job but writing comments like these for the wonderful people of WA.

Miloncashgal, I love this post; super engaging, which is exactly what everyone needs in their lives right now.

After all the madness we've had recently (yesterday's shopping), things need to be lighthearted - even if only briefly on some days- especially because sanity can sure feel far away sometimes.

The truth're reading one of those comments from an entrepreneur who has also felt overwhelmed by life too many times before--

I need to set up an email system. I have also been experiencing issues with google analytics, so I don't know if anyone is coming to my site even though it's only five months old!
miloncashgal Premium
I understand that Google is now taking phone calls...can you call them from where you are? Have you sent Google any emails with your concerns? They always answer rather quickly I thought and very informative.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Very awesome, Lisa!