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November 20, 2021
Been Thirsty, for some refreshing atmosphere after covid. I have been thirsty for a drink from my "tea cup". She has been down in Alabama with other grandma for a week and staying another week. I had asked to bring her back sooner, but I wasn't strong enough to care for her.I had her brother, Jordan come visit since covid but he doesn't get into hanging out with me yet. I've not been that much fun. That's about to change.To my surprise a text message came, "Could you keep Leo this week?
November 12, 2021
My "To Do" listis growing every hour on the hour. I have actually missed the fast pace networking can be. Time to pick up where I left off. I'm trying to get in the mood to blog...just don't have much to say. I have been so quiet for a while. Maybe the longest stretch ever lol.Last night was interesting. Actually, I felt like a stranger in most of my apps. Stumbling to navigate my way thru a program. Sure glad I went elsewhere before walking back in WA, around all these professionals, entrepre
September 07, 2021
Any flu is awful.Covid is not different from any other flu I've had over the years. I had 3 days I used an inhaler, they say Covid 19 attacks your lungs. It's been over 10 years since I had the flu. I had taken a flu vaccine, that I was talked into by my mother. I thought I was at deaths door floating around on a spaced carpet ride, and not the good kind. . I could not wait to get off that ride. That one lasted 14 days on the dot. No more flu shots for me.Covid 19 sneaks up on me, or did I s
August 21, 2021
Except for the Full Moon and few storms it's been rather around here. My boy did lay out an ole chicken snake today. We do'n't even have any chickens lol. However, there is a new rooster across the road. He draws my attention daily. I hope to have me another probably about spring time.The ocean breeze blew up a few storms. Just enough to cover the moon after midnight. Now there an over population of frogs. Just lil ones, Not close to frying size. I'm overdue for skillet full, aren't y'all?I
August 18, 2021
This beats Monday by a long shot. Well today I found two houses by the lake. Just right. Lots of deer, turkeys, and squirrel . Nice lot size and they are fairly new. Yee Haw. Took a ride to courthouse to pull paperwork and map for both spots.I love to set at the river and go over the paperwork. So I found me a bench and had Joybelle with me too. I'm reading right along, all of a sudden Joybelle trips on a tree root, fell and rolled down the hill towards the water. If I hadn't been laugh
August 17, 2021
As I have stated before, part of my M.O. is running out of gas. I don't know why this happens to me, we I do, but my warning lite is not coming on til it's too late. Well, it's not the fuel pump, it's working. I think it's the float. It's getting stuck. So I ran out of gas looking for a house.That's not all. My doctor's apointment was canceled. Of course it was, It's a MONDAY. After that is when I ran out of gas. Luckily, my daughter came to my rescue.Stopped at Sonic to grab a hot dog a
August 07, 2021
Have you ever been in jail? I have no reason to lie, been there a time or two with good reason. Just found out I am now in Facebook jail. They said I made a violent comment. The post was about danger of 18 wheelers. I drove one for 17 years, and people don't realize that when you're packing 80,000 lbs you can't stop them on a dime. I'm a safety girl, take my driving seriously. In same retro, I expect everyone else to do the same and don't mind telling anybody as such. I guess jail is 24 h
July 26, 2021
Hotter than Ace of SpadesIt's hard to believe I worked construction over 12 years. Laying asphalt, hauling sand before air conditioner was required in a truck, but I did. I was there.Now, I must admit " I have dimples in my butt, He loves me"...Yee Haw... Had to throw in a tune for y'all. The air is so Thick, a struggle to breath. Last week laid me out. I have written a blog in 11 days. That's my therapy. So y'all must know, I'm pleasant at this time. Too Hot to Fish, Too Hot for Golf. Too
July 14, 2021
What a Ride. I'm watching y'all, don't think I'm not. Indexed again by, following winners like those here at WA. What Ride it is, day by day.I was absorbing some blogs that referred to freshen up, what you already have.I'm gathering information and guidance from Page Insights too. What is confusing, right now? The fact that my site was indexed months ago, now Google is picking up page by page n post individually. Hum. So, freshen up really works, indeed. It's worth the time that it takes t
July 14, 2021
The Red Headed Stranger, from Bluerock, Montana rode into town one day. n Under his knees was a Raging Black Stallion, n walking behind was a Bay...The Red Headed Stranger had eyes like the thunder, n his lips... they were sad n tight, For his lil lost darlin lay asleep on the hillside....n his heart was heavy as night....Don't cross him, Don't boss him