Heat is On

Last Update: July 26, 2021

Hotter than Ace of Spades

It's hard to believe I worked construction over 12 years. Laying asphalt, hauling sand before air conditioner was required in a truck, but I did. I was there.

Now, I must admit " I have dimples in my butt, He loves me"...Yee Haw... Had to throw in a tune for y'all. The air is so Thick, a struggle to breath. Last week laid me out.

I have written a blog in 11 days. That's my therapy. So y'all must know, I'm pleasant at this time.

Too Hot to Fish, Too Hot for Golf. Too Cold at home. Da da. I could help myself. I was sing for 3 days.

Singing brought on because of lil "Tea Cup". Lwd, she has my blood no doubt. That child, at 18 mo, sing, dances, and growls like a bear, screams like a wildcat and loves like a child. Just the medicine I needed. My cup runth over.

Too Hot sit on porch.

And Flies, have mercy...FYI... hang water bag in each room. Really helps.

All the pop Sickles you can eat. Too Hot to cook, but we can eat all pop sickles you want. Water guns are a Free for All, you know it. We have plenty.

Stay Kool... Pets too. Be sure to check on daddy. And EAT POP SICKLES!

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Millioncashgal , how is it going , yes UK is hot , am in the south , and it's hot , but man come from Jamaica , so man used to sun
But recently I have blog about tips for the Heatwave ,
Just checked out the first week in August forecast for the UK
Brace yourself , or head over to Shinepage blogs for tips
Nice one Milioncashgal
Keep it up
miloncashgal Premium
Lol thanks for dropping by. The only tip I seem to tolerate is STAY IN AIR CONDITIONER lol. The older I get, the worst it becomes. N Jamaica, love to visit IN THE WINTER lol. Stay kool..
IsabeloJ3 Premium
Very nice Liza
JeffreyBrown Premium
Love it, Lisa!

Newme202 Premium
Those popsicles look tasty, Lisa :)
miloncashgal Premium
Homemade lol. Only 2 things money can't buy, da da and thats true loving n homemade..la la
Newme202 Premium
I make my.own lemonade as well
So refreshing and so good
Zoopie Premium
Love the popsicle picture. Mickey mouse. lol.