Awful Flu

Last Update: September 07, 2021

Any flu is awful.

Covid is not different from any other flu I've had over the years. I had 3 days I used an inhaler, they say Covid 19 attacks your lungs. It's been over 10 years since I had the flu. I had taken a flu vaccine, that I was talked into by my mother. I thought I was at deaths door floating around on a spaced carpet ride, and not the good kind. . I could not wait to get off that ride. That one lasted 14 days on the dot. No more flu shots for me.

Covid 19 sneaks up on me, or did I stubble over it?

I was walking across the living room when it hit. That dizzy magic carpet that I don't like to ride. The second day I was knocked out, like that carpet hit a light pole. Headaches, coughing, sneezing, and runny nose.

Day 4 came fever. High fever can cause hallucinations. I must have went on a trip cause I woke up on day 7.

I coasted thru the last few days. No appetite, couple low grade fevers, and lots and lots of coughing n nose blowing. I can see the home stretch now.

I'm as weak as a new born chicken. No races anytime soon.

At least my immune system is stronger. I survived a stroke and a coma. I can't let a flu take me out.

Wear your mask.

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Jessiefido Premium Plus
I'm so sorry to hear that my friend, but I am happy that you are coming through it now.

Stay strong Lisa (knowing you, that's not debatable) and keep those snakes away from the chickens and the front door! :-)
miloncashgal Premium
Absolutely, we about to have a litter of Beaglehound pups anyday now. Starting cool down a lil. Got pistol at back door just in case anything considering cuddling lol
Jessiefido Premium Plus
🤣 Beaglehound pups, wonderful! Keep that pistol at the ready in case any slippery serpents decide to get too close!
miloncashgal Premium
I know your right. I told Eugene I had it at the back door in case they get any cuddling ideas. Lol
JeannineC Premium
Glad you came through okay. Yours sounded much tougher than my experience when I had Covid. Now that you've had it, you've got the best possible antibodies, much better than you could ever have from the vax because it gives you at least some protection from all the variants (which the shot doesn't.)

Get stronger fast! We can argue about masks later.
Eugene Premium Plus
I'm glad you're fully recovered Lisa, it can be awful that experience. Make me laugh again!
CherryRed20 Premium
I'm so glad to hear that you beat those symptoms and were able to come out stronger.

eminentcopy Premium
Good to know you came out of it strong.
I wish you a fast recovery.
Take care and stay safe.