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Last Update: November 13, 2013

Hi all

So it's been 4 months almost to the day and I got to thinking about whats happened so far and I have to say that apart from hitting some walls, things have been good and Christmas is coming.

For all of you newbies that ask about money I would say, hang in there and keep working at this.

Since July 8th I have now made a toatl of £510 pounds and so thats over £100 a month so far and this is with the last month almost being non-existent on WA due to working on the recently published book.

I have earnt money from a Jaxxy commission

I have earnt money from a course I wrote

...and I have earnt money from helping 2 people (1 in WA and 1 outside) from content writing in their web-sites.

My ranking has dropped from 13 to 21 due to this other work but still 'money has been earned and a kindle and a paperback have been published.

All of this is DIRECTLY due to what I have learnt in WA and so thanks Kyle and Carson.

My next book is underway and my writing career has begun.

Have I hit walls, my god yes!! but we must push on and keep going. I am learning this lesson each week and each month.

So battle on guys!!! I am so sure you will get there. Please PM me or e-mail me at if you need help.

This is tough work but IT WILL pay off with dedication and applying the lessons.

I would like to start a discussion. If you have made some commission and you want to share then let's get it down here for encouragement to those that are asking 'if it's possible'

God Bless and Happy Christmas shopping


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khabari Premium
Thanks for the encouragement.
MikeyB Premium
keep it up, you'll get there
EProsperity Premium
Congrats. Thanks the the encouragement.
MikeyB Premium
we all need it....keep going
daleson Premium
Nice work Mikey. That's an inspiration to me to be steady and keep heading toward my writing and marketing goals.
MikeyB Premium
its been up and down but the trend is up and thats whats important...
2pupsnkitty Premium
Thank you for the update!! I am hoping to make quite a bit more and am going to put all I can into this. My goal is to be solely working from home in 6 months. Gonna keep on taking action!!!
MikeyB Premium
6 months is quite a goal but good on ya......its the right attitude
cromaczs07 Premium
Wow! I'm happy for you man! Well, I thought I got my first dollar yesterday. I'll get back to this when I got me my commission, cause I am planning a huge signup campaign. Haha!