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Last Update: December 07, 2015

Hey guys,

I want to share my story so far as I've spent much of the past couple of weeks throwing myself into the training here in between other work commitments and developing my site which I must say I'm really proud of even at this stage in it's infancy.

Here are the things that I've learnt so far. For any new members who maybe have some initial reservations about becoming a premium member, I recommend you read on for sure!

1) Immersed myself in without a shadow of a doubt the LEADING Internet Marketing training out there and enjoyed every minute

2) Networked with some of the most passionate and considerate people I've ever spoken too, who offer nothing but support, providing all the help you need to be successful here

3) Built a website around my very own concept, which although is at early stages I'm extremely proud and have had constructive yet mostly positive feedback from leaders within the community.

4) Becoming proud of my own vision firstly and bringing it to life, giving this my full commitment and actually WRITING... Something which I always classed as some what of weakness of mine, I'm here strengthening the muscle to turn in to a lucrative career.

5) Did I mention I've built an actual WEBSITE!!

I've tweaked my goals slightly from a couple weeks back, making them even more realistic because quite frankly I'm in this for the long haul, I will add this to the goals page too because I think its useful for anybody to look at if they're too taking this seriously and recognise it's not about getting rich quick...

3 months > 50 new posts added to my site - No profit

6 months > 30 new posts - £150 GP per month

12 Months > £1000 per month ($1500)

Now many of you may be thinking my targets are low on the revenue side for all that effort and hard work.

Being honest with my niche I'm I'm quietly confident I can knock that December 2016 figure out the park but one thing I've come to learn here in what has been a relatively short space of time

People expect success (miracles) over night AND They do not want to dig deep in the trenches at the beginning and accept nothing in return but will stick around to reap the rewards in the long run!

All I know is that if in 18 months time I've built my business to a point where I'm able to quit my job and dedicate all my time to online marketing then I know it will have all been worth it.

Thank you very much Kyle and Carson also I'm really grateful I stumbled across WA when I did!

Here's to BIG 2016

Final words from me today,

"Success is where preparation and opportunity meet"


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KatieMac Premium
Well done you are making good progress and looks like 2016 is going to be a very busy and productive one for you wishing you every success
2Al Premium
Mike, great goals to accomplish in 2016. Wish you success.
MikeSouness1 Premium
Thank you very much :) all the best to you too!
Sheila50 Premium
I think your goals are great and realistic. If it happens sooner than more greatness!
Thanks for Sharing and I think I will save this one to review and share!
MikeSouness1 Premium
Thank you Sheila :)
rsommerfeld Premium
I think you are right on and I agree. I kind of started my site with the idea of generating revenue in 3 months, but I don't care now if that goal happens. Now I'm not saying I don't want to make anything off of my site.
I did choose a niche that I enjoy in my spare time. I have become more focused on writing then I am about even making links to other sites for affiliate marketing. I have a few but I'm at a point I'm not too worried about it.
I think if you take your time just like Kyle said at the beginning choose a niche you are interested in. It definitely makes writing much easier, I am enjoying writing on my site more then I even thought I would.
Good luck and wishing you all the success.
MikeSouness1 Premium
Exactly Robert sounds like we both share an similar and pragmatic approach to our business'!

Thanks for sharing your insight I look forward to keeping in touch and discussing our progression moving forward!

Best of luck to you too!