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December 07, 2015
Hey guys, I want to share my story so far as I've spent much of the past couple of weeks throwing myself into the training here in between other work commitments and developing my site which I must say I'm really proud of even at this stage in it's infancy. Here are the things that I've learnt so far. For any new members who maybe have some initial reservations about becoming a premium member, I recommend you read on for sure!1) Immersed myself in without a shadow of a doubt the LEADING Interne
There was no doubt from the first few hours of reading into WA and the community at large I was going to proceed to Premium Membership. I am also thankful of the timely manner of identifying the opportunity with the BF offer and without any hesitance this evening I have signed up for a year!I have had a few days off this week and I explained to Marcus that my laptop has been broken and in repair therefore without easy access to the internet I have had to attend the local library during opening
November 25, 2015
So I'm the new kid on campus first term is a fresh Feeling a bit overwhelmed but excited no less The lobby and halls are filled with adviceGood values and honour, not a scammer in sightThere's classes to get to, in theory and practice It's not about the quick buck, remain patient yet pro-activeI'm not the first nor the last to get lost on the way Find your passion and niche, give yourself REASON to stay Laying brick after brick, I will steadily climbFor I will break the routine of office clock