Now a Premium Member, lets get it and why you should too!

Last Update: November 26, 2015

There was no doubt from the first few hours of reading into WA and the community at large I was going to proceed to Premium Membership. I am also thankful of the timely manner of identifying the opportunity with the BF offer and without any hesitance this evening I have signed up for a year!

I have had a few days off this week and I explained to Marcus that my laptop has been broken and in repair therefore without easy access to the internet I have had to attend the local library during opening hours to familiarise myself with the full set up.

Between the Library and piercing my eyes on my iPhone to read comments on the chats stream and community blogs, I have spent at least 35 hours this week finding my feet. What I have done most this week has been to follow the advice of a former Sales Director of mine when he said the only expectation he had for week 1 of me was...


It's fairly self explanatory but I believe crucial to progressing and placing your best foot forward.

As I mentioned previously I was confident within the first couple of hours to sign up and yes I'm very much grateful to have joined this week of all weeks however one thing I have also learnt over the years on my path is customers and your audience in general for the vast majority never buy on price they buy VALUE and it's apparent there's an abundance of it here!

So go on to all new starters I don't rush you sign up straight away, I'm confident Kyle and Carson would only want you to join when only you are ready, but be a sponge, absorb this place from top to bottom and I'll be amazed if you're not seeing the substantial opportunities that lie ahead for you in the coming 12 months.

Now it's time to get busy ;-)


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Jenna7 Premium
Congratulations on becoming Premium!! :)
2Al Premium
Mike, congrats for the decision to a yearly upgrade.
Sheila50 Premium
Congrats Mike and best thing you could have ever done.
MikeSouness1 Premium
Thank you Sheila!
MikeSouness1 Premium
Says it all!