A Tale of The University of WA

Last Update: November 26, 2015

So I'm the new kid on campus first term is a fresh

Feeling a bit overwhelmed but excited no less

The lobby and halls are filled with advice

Good values and honour, not a scammer in sight

There's classes to get to, in theory and practice

It's not about the quick buck, remain patient yet pro-active

I'm not the first nor the last to get lost on the way

Find your passion and niche, give yourself REASON to stay

Laying brick after brick, I will steadily climb

For I will break the routine of office clock in at 9

So I'm sat at my desk, more than hungry to learn

Guided by those who provide tried, tested methods and proof you will earn

I wonder how many of my new comrades will endure along with those life demands

How many will fold, quickly bury their heads in the sands

I say this to you don't sweat it, let's get it, don't give into the fear

The bells ringing, breaks over, I'm strapped in for the year!

Just a few words to those who are new in this game like myself. Treat it as an educational course for something you love, escape the mentality of it being a chore when the chips are down like I know many do with our jobs, myself included from time to time. I know we're all here to make money amongst other things but understand money is only ever the bi-product of real success.

I'm hoping what I learn here will bring me more than just financial gain, who knows what's ahead, all I do know is I'm in it for the long haul... hey I might even do a poetry blog at some point ;)

Here's to a great end of 2015 and start of 2016 ahead


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AwesomeWoman Premium
Wow!! AWESOME sharing and creation! Yayyy! Thanks so much! I'm passionate about lifelong learning, too! You can do it, Mike! Go you! ~ t
MikeSouness1 Premium
Thanks so much look forward to speaking more moving forward :-)
TommyV Premium
Great post Mike.
Your so right "No scammers in sight"
I do believe that is by design of WA.
Scammers are only attracted to something for nothing with little to no effort. Thank You!
MikeSouness1 Premium
Much appreciated Tommy :-)
2Al Premium
Great advice. Thank you for sharing.
AlexEvans Premium
Great insight Mike, look forward to reading more. It is a journey indeed, the great thing is that we have friends to help and share it with. Keep charging.
MikeSouness1 Premium
Thanks Alexander :-)
KatieMac Premium
That is what is great about learning here does not matter what level your at you can do this, every time I see your name I think of the footballer Graham Souness.. and do like your bit of poetry
MikeSouness1 Premium
Thanks Katie and I agree the support is there, each and every one of us are responsible for our own input however!

Haha not the first time I've heard that one, ironically my grandfather is called Graham also, he's older than GS and from Edinburgh so I imagine there's a connection somewhere!
KatieMac Premium
lol .. we do get great support and training we just need the patience, dedication and to keep going no matter what