April National Stress Awareness Month !

Last Update: April 10, 2016

Stress is Bad, right ?

Not always is the surprising answer to that !

Stress can be a good thing motivating you to some of your best performances. Bases loaded, 2 out, bottom of the 9th, your team down 1 run and you are at bat. Pretty stressful situation ? Stress hormone cortisol off the charts, adrenaline flowing, focused like a laser. This pitch looks as big as a basketball, single to right, 2 runs score !

Your team Wins ! Hero time !!!

Thank you Cortisol for the motivation and focus ! Stress was good !

Or Chronic Stress ?

Classic 2016 Stress.............

Just a few more bills than there is income. Baby needs food and diapers. Car needs inspected and you know it needs work, lots of expensive work. Can't afford a new one.

Your job, people still being layed off. Worried you are next, or worse you have to stay and do 2 peoples work. Not enough time already.

How common is this scenario in 2016 ?

This stress is acute and chronic ! Constant and never ending.

Always something needind to be worried about.... What do you do ?

Take it like an adult and soldier on, right ?

The Bad News !

Constant, chronic stress has serious and bad consequences !

This can lead to elevated blood pressure, cravings for carbs and sugar leadind to elevated sugar levels, lack of sleep which doesn't allow your body to return to normal levels. Many more negative physical and mental consequences all from a base problem of too much stress with no chance to recover.

Of course the high blood pressure and high sugar levels will lead to cardiovascular issues and diabetes.

A downward spiral leading to a box in the ground ?

Or a strong warning to get it turned around ?

How do I turn this around ?

I have a web site where I try to post a new answer to this issue weekly. Go, take a look at the posts. Not everything works for everybody.

Take a look, find something that will work for you and go to work on this issue. Plenty of time for the box in the ground option, let's take the time to keep this life going a good long while !

I think we all have a few things left to do !

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dickw Premium
Thanks Mike for the heads and Arthur for your solution. I also had diabetes II. I went the adjustment of diet method--no sugar and simple carbs plus walking 3/4 times a week. Diabetes is gone. It can be eliminated. And without meds. Thanks.....Dick
WillingToTry Premium
Hello Mike, thank you for this.

As a Type II diabetic with chronic high blood pressure, cholesterol et cetera I can certainly vouch for the authenticity of what you are saying!,

Too much stress of the chronic variety, is a modern killer disease, and I find the best way to treat it is through meditation, plenty of exercise and careful dieting.
Of course no one wants to live forever but we certainly would like to enjoy good health for as long as we can!

Kind regards,
LenaMiglena Premium
My stress comes from not having enough time to do everything I want to do:) easy one I guess:) my solution - I eat carbs. I just love them. Also, I love chocolate cakes but high-quality ones - preferably from French Bakeries not Safeway type of chocolate cakes or I love homemade cakes from scratch. The result - I feel great!!! I weight only 110 pounds, not bad for a 39 year old mom, eh? The bottom line for me - Eat carbs if they make you happy, and you enjoy them but take care of your heath, be active and make sure you don't have high levels of sugar, high blood pressure, etc. because if you do you need to adjust your diet and everyday life.
Marcel92 Premium
Stress is certainly part of our daily lives. Especially in certain occupation. Always good to have updated info. Good info on your site. Thank you for sharing.
greenbrierwv Premium
Some good suggestions and observations, Mike. I can identify! Glad you're focusing on stress, since it affects everyone, of course, and can lead to some serious problems. Keep up the good work!
MikeLong Premium
Thanks for your comment Jonathon !