This is Affiliate Marketing Journey is Not a Sprint but a Marathon

Last Update: March 02, 2022

This affiliate marketing (AF) is amazing. It is not for the weak but the strong and those that will not quit. You have to be patient and work on your site/business/passion.

I don't like writing, I have to do it, but I love tweaking my site and SEO optimizing it. Not over-optimize but focus on the things that will help the site.

Google's stance on quality is obvious. I sometimes shake my head at my sites, my MMO site. So many posts but yet so little traffic. But, I keep pushing. My goal is to post more!

One bright side is that a few of my other sites do rank. They are not in the MMO niche.

They are more in the physical product space - Amazon affiliate site especially. One of these sites makes two or three sales every two days. It's nothing crazy and Bing at least gives the site some love. Google takes its time indexing my pages but I am not worried.

They will come around. I also plan to change the theme to a paid aka premium so I can get updates and fixes. This is so important and also to make security even stronger on this site.

My site is about a year and a half old and it has gone through a few ups and downs. But it's moving upwards. Take a look at the image below. I can't be happier with how it's doing.

I made three sales yesterday and looking forward to more.

Today's AMAZON's commission. One sale so far.

I apologize for blotting out certain parts. It's only to protect my niche. These are revenue, sales, and conversions and not my Amazon's commission. That I will post later.

For those who are thinking about joining. Please do it and don't look back. You can only win. If you are taking forever to see results. Don't quit. I can't stress this enough.

If you're reading this on the web, like Google or Bing/Yahoo, get inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Pay the $49 or the yearly cost. If you can afford the $99 a month like I am paying, get in and don't look back.

The training here is designed to make you win. It may seem long and tedious but it's done that way for a reason. Keep pushing and stick to the game plan.

Listen: I've given up more than once and I beat myself for quitting Wealthy Affiliate. If I had stayed and stopped following the shinny objects, It would have been posting pictures on my site like Eric, aka Batman Travels!

One of my favorite teachers. When you get in, watch his videos. To see them you have to jump and join the Premium Plus Membership.

I guarantee that what you will learn will only make your business better.

For those still on the fence, start today.

Thanks to everyone who chooses to follow me here. You did not have to.

Stay to the course and as I said before - this race is not a sprint but a marathon!

You will find success at Wealthy Affiliate.

PS. I am so passionate about this that it would be wrong for me not to give you this welcome link to a free start. This is only for those reading this on the web and have never set foot inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Use this link: LINK and get inside today. Myself and thousands of others are available to answer any questions that you may have.

Stay blessed everyone and may Peace come to Ukraine


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RosanaHart Premium Plus
Good points!
IsabeloJ3 Premium
Congratulations on having commissions wishing you more.
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Well done, Mike. For not liking writing, I believe that you are a very good writer. Keep up the excellent work, my friend!

MikeKurtis Premium Plus
You make me smile. Thanks for the encouragement!
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
I'm glad to hear that, Mike! You're very welcome, my friend!

muslimah Premium
Great progress. Congrats on the sales.
I wish you more commissions.
MikeKurtis Premium Plus
Thank you for the encouragement Muslimah.