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This affiliate marketing (AF) is amazing. It is not for the weak but the strong and those that will not quit. You have to be patient and work on your site/business/passion. I don't like writing, I have to do it, but I love tweaking my site and SEO optimizing it. Not over-optimize but focus on the things that will help the site.Google's stance on quality is obvious. I sometimes shake my head at my sites, my MMO site. So many posts but yet so little traffic. But, I keep pushing. My goal is to pos
The final word count was 3106! It's a milestone for me.
This is for those who struggle with writing. I myself struggled for a while but it's becoming easier and easier. It may take me a few days but it's coming along nicely.My current article is at 2200 words and while this might not be a big deal for some it's a huge step for me.Most of my articles are outsourced but I decided to stop for a while and do them myself. This current article is not for my MMO site but rather my eCommerce website. I have a few of them. It's not easy but if you think abou
I feel like the guy in this image. Althouh my tooth hurting me I am still pushing through. Ain't nothing gonna stop this locomotive. WA peeps, ive done it again. I even got some credit to get a few comments on the article because besides you all who normally show your suppot I would like to see what thost that are not in my network have to say.The one thing I've changed up is using the SiteContent here in WA. I don't norally use it but my google free space is running out plus here i get free im
Ive done it again! Eric thanks again for the motivation. I made up my mind to post this today and Ive done it.I have also follow your course video training and I will let you know how it went. The lesson was when I see a certain forum on the front page of google that space is begging for a top level domain to add their article.I am tired but its done. This page has no affliate links yet I will wait about a day or two before adding. I did link to my internal pages.Please, tell me what you think.
So today I made a blog post to my site. Its been awhile since ive done that and God knows it took a lot. My focus was not so much on my blog or positing my blog ativities but after watching a WA training I decided to get back on track.I've also revamp my MMO home page blog which you see here. Its not pretty but I hope it gets the point across and reach the people who am targeting.If you don't mind, check it out here and let me kow what you post.Cheers,Mike
December 01, 2021
So, a few weeks back i decided to go off doing my own thing. You konw...running after other stuff. I got into amazon ecommerce sites using a plugin and while it worked for a bit only hell in the pass couple of weeks.All sites got hacked twice. The guy who build the site swears he didn't do anything wrong.I don't belive him.People, stick with wa. While i used my seo skills to get the sites ranked, it only brought me head ache.Moral of the story is that don't trust anyone too much when it comes t
Hello folks,Greetings to all my WA Warriors!Today I bought some doge and decided to check into my Amazon associate account. Yet again another sale.WOHOO! Baby. I'll take that to the bank any day.Sites to me are digital assets. How do you see your website?Keep pushing folks even when your amazon income or what ever you're promoting shows zero $$ for months you're told to drop it, your affiliate marketing business, and do something else.Mike
Howdy Wealthy Affiliate Warriors,How is everyone doing?Today is blessed because I am able to write this blog post and I cherish all the days I'm above ground. Do you feel the same?Share your thoughts.Do you find yourself with a ton of business ideas especially when you use Jaaxy? How about just watching TV or walking though your house?You know...My mind have been going like crazy for years and I continue to say, God I have so many ideas, Should I do them? You know I'm insane enough to try most
Happy Wednesday to everyone,This morning I logged into WA and I was greeted with a message saying I've achieved a milestone. My milestone was reaching the top 200!How did I got here? One step at a time! It's amazing what we can accomplish when we are focused. Last night I was up until 4am working on one of my sites. I feel like a zombie but I am smart enough to get some more rest I stopped in WA for a minute but didn't stay long because I had work to do. I was so busy I missed Kyle live traini