2200 Words and I'm Still Going Strong

Last Update: January 04, 2022

This is for those who struggle with writing. I myself struggled for a while but it's becoming easier and easier. It may take me a few days but it's coming along nicely.

My current article is at 2200 words and while this might not be a big deal for some it's a huge step for me.

Most of my articles are outsourced but I decided to stop for a while and do them myself.

This current article is not for my MMO site but rather my eCommerce website. I have a few of them.

It's not easy but if you think about it, ain't nothing good come easy.

If you want total success, you have to bite the bullet and get to work.

Even when your article is full of grammar errors, keep writing.

A lovely member PM and suggested I use Grammarly, I was a bit startled because I am an English-speaking individual.

She was kind enough to PM so I wouldn't look silly and I am grateful she did it.

I downloaded Grammarly and copied the article and paste it.

HOLY CRAP!! She was right.

I fixed everything - all 100+ and made the corrections from my mobile phone.

I have also noticed that my Adsense Ads are now relevant to the site. It wasn't before but now they are.

Your fingers may hurt, like mine do when I try to write, push on. You will make it.

If you have to outsource, do it. There is training here on that.

I am almost done and feeling excited about my accomplishments. I believe this article is going to be 3000+

Trust me, writing was not my thing but because I have made up my mind to consistently do it it's becoming a bit much easier.

Plus, Grammarly is at my side.

Hang in there folks, you're all winners even though it doesn't look like it is.

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JKulk1 Premium
Well done Mike. Reaching 3000 words is a huge achievement. All the best. Jim
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Very well done, Mike!

Zoopie Premium
That is a big blog. I hope a lot take the time to read it. I normally don’t read over 1400 words but I am super impressed with your content.
Great stuff.
MikeKurtis Premium Plus
You might read mine 😁
muslimah Premium
An outstanding achievement, Michael.
True, Grammarly does help.
Keep going.
MikeKurtis Premium Plus
Thank you very much.
muslimah Premium
You are welcome.
Newme202 Premium
Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and just go for it
Congratulations on your awesome word count article
Wishing you success on others to follow
MikeKurtis Premium Plus
So true. I had to!!
Newme202 Premium
Awesome ;)