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This is a quick post with the aim to motivate and inspire anyone who may be starting out or has been at WA a while and still holds doubt or reservation in their minds.I reached a milestone the other day. I earned my first affiliate commission!Whilst out shopping with my partner, my phone buzzed. I was waiting for a call back from someone so when I checked my phone, I was initially disappointed to see yet another email. I opened it anyway and there it was, a message of congratulations stating I
I've hit my first road block. I've been so busy at work and haven't been able to invest much time at all into WA and my business. The small amount of traffic I was getting has dried up and the momentum I built has all but disappeared. I knew it was coming and I had prepared myself mentally for it, yet I am still left feeling frustrated and demoralised as a result.But hey, I've been here before in my professional career, so I feel confident that I know what to do. And I'm also using some inspira
I am almost a month into my WA premium membership and boy it's been a roller coaster. Feelings of elation when getting started, frustration when I've not been able to input more time and effort and even anger when I've found myself procrastinating or staring at a blinking cursor on a blank white screen.I've learned a ton of skills that will serve me well later on in my journey and I am proud of what I have achieved in my first few weeks, trying on the shoes of an internet marketer.What was your