Everyone Wants to Go to Heaven But No One Wants to Die

Last Update: November 25, 2019

"Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die"-what does that have to do with WA? Well, for me, it has a lot to do with it. There are a number of niches that I found that I'm interested in.-some very recently. In fact, I've found some vendors in these niches that are looking for affiliate marketers to promote their sites right now-as I'm writing this blog-and at affiliate commissions that have me rubbing my hands together in anticipation.

There's one problem-I don't know how to do a lot of the stuff that you have to do to promote the sites. Nor do I know how to promote traffic to the sites. All of these things are necessary to have a successful affiliate marketing career.

Wait, you're probably saying, no worries! Everything that you need to know is in the WA training- just go to Level--, lesson___.-it's all there. No worries. That's the problem! For one reason or another, I have stopped doing the lessons. I have danced around doing them and have brilliantly managed to avoid them by distracting myself with other things. One thing I have done is to respond with an encouraging word to new and current members who have told me they are following me. Also, I've struck up relationships with others on WA and made new friends with them. And, I've found new niches that I'm interested in and vendors who want affiliates to promote their sites and earn large commissions.

In other words, I want to go to affiliate heaven! But, I don't want to do the lessons-die. Maybe the people reading this will have some suggestions. I would certainly appreciate your input.

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megawinner Premium
Hi, Mike!

Find your compelling reasons:
What if you need a large amount for something urgent?
What if your children come and tell you things that needed a great amount of money?
What if your house and everything is burnt to the ground?
What if no one is able to help you in your times of urgent need?

Find the compelling reasons that will make you truly emotional?

You know what ... I have the same feelings until today, but I do it anyway. One step at a time because of my compelling reasons!

May the force be with you, Mike!

Mike177 Premium
Thanks, Florentino.

I understand what you're say and it makes sense.
May the force be with you, too.
CMKetay Premium
You're in good company, Mike! This side is so much more fun and I don't have to focus, which is a challenge for me. I'm not as far as I should be and want to be. Here's my solution. Spend a small time each day doing something. Research key words. Write. Do a lesson. It's helping me move forward, even slowly counts!!

Mike177 Premium
.Thanks, Christine-one bite at a time!
cramervod Premium
You will want to "Attach" meaning to every task. That way you do this, but it equals that.

An example I write a blog post because it brings me (insert something very valuable to you here).

Or another example: If I don't do a blog post and follow the
lessons... it will get person A killed...

Put a severe consequence on your inactions and picture somebody that you love getting the ax literally :-)
Mike177 Premium
Thanks for your advice.