Ethical Marketing.

Last Update: October 15, 2015

The anguish voice of one customer or a prospect for that matter is the voice of all customers.

The event which is unfolding on the internet since it become wildly known as a medium to transact business have compelled me to write and put this pieces of article together about ethical marketing.

I‘d fairly understand the mounting pressure that lean heavily on the shoulders of marketers including myself of how particularly important it is for us to make money either at the end of each day’s work or at the end of the month, but then, do we need to be biting the hands that feed us ?

This enviable industry

As a marker and for that matter , a public relation person , the least I can do is to carefully examined the probabilities of internet marketing businesses in general.

The lack of professionalism in this enviable industry has reached its peak ,where all manners of unprofessional marketing-behavior occurs every day and as a matter of fact is taking a detrimental effect on the very people we are suppose to help and serve . (Client, customers, prospects and newbie’s)

The second thought of realm is not only disheartening but humiliating and shameful in my opinion of how people are being treated unfairly whenever they engaged the services of others to buy a product or join their network, most of these services or products are in the form of baits to hook-in unsuspected prospects in the process.

They use exaggerated and manipulative claims to essentially trick customers into buying these junk products and services that hardly work.

Sheer- happiness & Ego

A good number of marketers have sadly sold their conscience to money. Yes !!!

They have become spine-doctors and unreasonable lovers of money, either by sheer- happiness, greed, ignorance, selfishness, what have you, that they throw away the ethic of professional marketing-business code to the dogs just to satisfied themselves.....

What does the constitution say?

Though there’s no constitution governing these industry, however, as human beings , first we must respect ourselves and in so doing we’ll be able to respect others for what they stand for....

Our customers and any other person have the fundamental right and freedom to transact business on the internet freely and fairly without being cheated , molested, mislead and scammed to lose money.

As entrepreneurs, I think it is our responsibility to serve the public with integrity, commitment without infringing or abusing the rights of others to promote good business relationship among our precious clients and customers alike.

We must not take them for granted , neither should we take them for a ride either, to sell them any junk products or services that we ourselves will probably not be happy to buy if we were in their shoes.

We only think of how much money we can make.

For far too long, a good number of beginners, clients, and customers have suffered all kind of misleading information by us on the internet for one purpose to sell them products and services that may or may not help their cause .

We then become mischievous in the art and boost of how much money we can make in a single day without the slightest thought whether you genuinely deserve that amount or not.

But after a while if you have any sense of humanity left , all those unfairly acquired money will begin to bother your guilty conscience if really you care . We shouldn’t forget that No bad deed goes unpunished.

They focus on money and.

It hurts me a lot in plain language to hear people to denigrate internet marketing business because of the greed and ego of some few individuals who thought of being smart and clever .They focus only on scam marketing to make money and are always chasing money that they forget about how people feel about their unprofessional behavior.

The reason I love W/A.

Internet marketing business is about how you can help others to reach their dreams , is about building people to reach their various goals and attainments and in return these same people will build your business and grow it bigger.

In contrast to the few bad nuts in our mist, let people see the value that we offer. They’ll genuinely follow you and do whatever you said they should.

That’s the main reason why I love W/A, I cherished the relationship I have here with all my community members, because I’d always step into the horizon of my mind to respect my fellow community members ideas and all the skills that bring us together here.

Let’s stretch out our helping hands to people who needs our support freely.

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SamiWilliams Premium
Great Ideas- and perspective
The minute your eye is off the customer, and on your bank account- the ethics can shift!
mickykay Premium
Without this valuable customers we got no business to run, they deserve to be treated specially with respect.
Thanks SamiWilliams for taking the time to read my article . I really appreciate your comment.
Enjoy the rest of the day.
electrobot Premium
Hi mickykay. Thanks for posting this. I think what it ultimately comes down to is, "do unto others as you would have others do to you". Great post.
mickykay Premium
exactly so , thanks for the respond to my post.