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I’m sure most of you’ve seen magpies around where you live at some point in your lives and have heard that they supposedly love to collect/steal shiny objects.Apparently this is just based on European folklore and has no scientific basis which was news to me when I read an article about it recently.Anyway, I won’t get bogged down in that. What I really mean to convey in this post about what is “shiny object syndrome” and how to avoid it is in fact the spell that w
Since I’ve been here at WA I’ve created 3 sites - 2 niche sites and 1 MMO site. I’ve kind of got bogged down with all the steps required to set these up, going back through the training and following the steps making sure I hadn’t missed anything out. It was when I was trying to design my MMO site that I came across a You Tube video that was about how to make a website in Wordpress - and it showed you each step with no steps skipped. I thought it might have somethi
Hi all! I've been here for a month or so now, and I was looking to make my website look better, so started playing around with the appearance of my theme (Herbal lite). I found that I could not make it look like the demo version - it has a nice slider with three rotating images and a feature article on the homepage. I then realised that I would have to buy the full version of the theme to actually get this option, so I was a bit annoyed to be honest. I didn't realise that you have like a "li
May 11, 2018
It's mind-blowing.I never knew such a platform existed - I only wish I had known about this place years ago, when I put a lot of time and effort into making websites only to fall at the last hurdle...which was TRAFFIC!What I have experienced so far here is a feeling of dedication, achieving goals, and realising that my online dreams may eventually come true :) I think the community is an amazing concept, and have come to realise we really do need each other to be successful.I am learning new t
May 07, 2018
I broken the 1000+ word barrier and it feels great! So far i've created 2 posts (excluding this one) and only reached a maximum of around 850 words for the second one. Today, I surpassed myself (after 2 days procrastinating!) and kept typing even after I reached 1000 words.I just wanted to let others know out there who may be struggling, that it can be done; just lose yourself in your notepad, or tablet or whatever you use, and keep going. All the best,Michelle
May 04, 2018
Google has acknowledged that my site exists! Amazing! I'm thrilled!I was only just looking this afternoon on Google to see if my post showed up using the keywords I created it with, but it wasn't on the first or second page, so thought hmm no, not yet. There you go - patience is a virtue as my schoolfriend Hannah used to tell me!